15 Home Remedies for Treating Insomnia


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Do you continue to turn and toss on your bed the whole night, despite being tired? Does your mind keep on humming even after turning off the lights and closing your eyes? Do you wake up several times during the night? Is it difficult for you to sleep back, once you wake up? If so, you are suffering from “Sleeplessness” or “Insomnia”.

The major causes of insomnia are empty stomach before sleep, smoking, excessive consumption of coffee or tea, overeating at night, constipation, anger, feeling of resentment, excessive work, anxiety and mental tension. For a sound sleep, you can try home remedies.

Here are some home remedies for treating insomnia.

1. Cucumber Peels


Use cucumber peels to massage on the soles of your feet. Employ before bedtime. It will certainly help you.

2. Castor Oil


Massaging the soles with castor oil, before going to sleep, will cure the problem of insomnia.

3. Herbal Oils


Before sleeping, massage your scalp with herbal oils like hibiscus oil or Brahmi. It will help in inducing the sound sleep.

Note- Avoid the use of these oils in winters.

4. Onion


Consume raw onion in dinner. Else, extract the juice of roasted onion. Drink it, before going to bed.

5. Banana


Take banana slices and stuff ½ tsp of cumin (jeera) powder in it. Eat it every evening.

6. Lettuce Seeds


Boil 1 tsp lettuce seeds in ½ litre water. Continue boiling till it reduces to 1/3rd. Drink this infusion 3-4 times a day. It is one of the helpful home remedies for insomnia.

7. Honey


Add 2 tsp of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. It is an effective treatment for insomnia.

8. Warm Milk


Mix a pinch of cinnamon powder and some honey in a glass of warm milk. Drink it before going to bed. It will help you to sleep better at night.

9. Nutmeg Powder


Before sleeping, consume a spoonful of nutmeg powder. It will induce a good sleep.

10. Poppy Seeds (Khas Khas)


Put some poppy seeds in water. Let them immersed for the whole night. Extract the thick milk, by grinding them. Extract the milk from coconut. Mix both the milks in equal quantities. Drink before going to sleep. It will alleviate the sleeplessness.

Note- This liquid is rich in calories. So, don’t use this home remedy if you are trying to lose your weight.

11. Aniseed


Add 1 tsp of aniseed in ½ litres of water. Heat it for 15-20 minutes. Then, strain the mixture. Drink when it is hot. For improving the taste, you can add honey or milk. Drink it at bedtime.

12. Coriander Juice

A glass of fresh vegetable celery juice  isolated on white background.

Extract coriander juice. Add a little sugar to it. You can also include more and more parsley and coriander in your diet. It will help in improving the condition of insomnia. 

13. Papaya or Gooseberry Juice


Before going to bed, drink papaya or gooseberry (amla) juice. It will help you in a good night sleep.

14. Curd


To cure insomnia, eat three cups of curd daily.

15. Water Therapy


Take a bath with lukewarm water for 20-25 minutes, just before getting into bed. It will calm your nerves and equalize the blood circulation. Pat yourself dry. You will definitely get a sound sleep.

Some Important Tips

  • Don’t take long naps during daytime.
  • Avoid drinking a coffee or tea late in the evening.
  • Ensure that your pillow and mattress are comfortable.
  • Adjust the temperature of room, as per your comfort level.
  • Do meditation before sleeping.
  • Except light snack, don’t eat anything within 2 hours of your bedtime.
  • Stick to the regular sleeping schedule.
  • Don’t watch television just before sleeping. Also, switch off your iPad, smart phone, and computer.