15 Easy to Make DIY Jewellery Holders

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Every girl loves to adorn herself with jewellery as it adds a lot of charm and grace to an overall appearance of women. I am sure; you would be having a lot of jewellery collection with you. And, sometimes you would even run short of space to keep it. Every time you go for a party, you need to spend your precious time in searching for your matching jewellery through entangled necklaces, earrings and bracelets in your jewellery box. Well, here is a nice way to keep your jewellery safe and secure as well as properly arranged in a jewellery holder. You can make your own DIY jewellery holder in few easy steps at home. So, check out 15 easy to make DIY jewellery holders.

#1 DIY Hanging Branch Jewellery Organizer


This hanging branch jewellery holder is one of the easiest to make. You just need to search for a nice and a bit strong twig from your backyard, along with some S-hooks from your nearest tool store. You can hang this anywhere, maybe in your bathroom or at the side of your dressing table. So, follow the link below and learn how to make this simple hanging branch jewellery holder.

Tutorial here:  Julie Ann Art Blog

#2 DIY Wooden Tray Jewellery Holder


Make use of this nice idea of using old wooden trays and boxes to construct your jewellery holders. It will not only save your money, but will also make a good use of spare wood trays and empty boxes. You can even paint the tray with a nice colour so as to make it look more chic in your room. Follow the link below and learn how to make this elegant DIY wood tray and box jewellery holder.

Tutorial here:  A Time for Everything Blog

#3 DIY Upcycled Soda Bottle Jewellery Stand


This pretty green ‘Dew’ it yourself jewellery stand may look a bit tough to make, but trust me, it’s not at all difficult to prepare it. And, the name itself explains that it is made of plastic Mountain Dew bottles, which you can easily collect. So, go to this link and follow the steps to prepare upcycled soda bottle jewellery stand at your own.

Tutorial here:  Epbot Blog

#4 DIY Ombre Necklace Rack


Are you running short of space in your bedroom and bathroom walls to hang any big jewellery holder?  Do you want to hang your necklaces at a place from where; you can see them clearly instead of searching them here and there? Well, then this necklace rack is perfect for you. You just need a long wooden piece and some wooden pegs to hang your necklaces. The link provided below will instruct you on how to make your own DIY ombre necklace rack.

Tutorial here:  Well its Okay Blog

#5 DIY Stilleto Ring Holder


Now, it’s time to try out something stylish and colourful. This is one of the most unique jewellery holders I have ever seen. You just need a black coloured stiletto, some spray paint, spikes and crystals to decorate. I am sure; you would love to keep your rings in this fashionable ring holder. Click the link below and learn how to make your own DIY stilleto ring holder.

Tutorial here:  Crafty Chicha Blog

#6 DIY Chicken Wire Frame Jewellery Holder


If you want to make something easy and at the same time, affordable, then try making a jewellery organizer by using wooden frames and chicken wire. One of the simplest to make, it saves your time as well. So, instead of fishing into a bowl full of earrings and necklaces, hang your jewellery by making your own DIY chicken wire frame jewellery holder. The link below will show you how to prepare it in a few simple steps.

Tutorial here: Just Between Friends Blog

#7 DIY Stencil Cork Board Jewellery Holder


Most of us use cork boards to decorate our room. By adorning the cork boards by painting and embossing the stencils of different designs, you can give a more ethnic look to your room, and can use it as a jewellery hanger. So, follow the link below and learn how to make your own DIY stencil cork board jewellery holder.

Tutorial here: Katelyn Brook Blog

#8 DIY Hanging Drawer Pull Jewellery Organizer


You can make this elegant-looking jewellery holder just by using plywood, burlap, and some drawer pulls/knobs. Decorate a little bit and your own DIY hanging drawer pull jewellery organizer is ready. Go through the below mentioned link and learn the step-by-step procedure to make this beautiful jewellery holder.

Tutorial here: Thrifty and Chic Blog

#9 DIY Wall-Mounted Box Jewellery Holder


Yes, even a simple drawer can be turned into a colourful jewellery holder! Make your own DIY wall-mounted box jewellery holder by painting a drawer in any colour of your choice. Adorn it with some pretty bowls and a coloured piece of fabric. So, what are you waiting for? Open the link below to know the procedure of preparing your own jewellery organizer.

Tutorial here: The North-end Loft Blog

#10 DIY Wire and Frame Earring Display


It’s your friend’s birthday and you might be thinking to gift her something unique and special, this time! Well, you can give her a nice DIY wire and frame earring holder, made by you. I am sure; she must be having a large collection of earrings and would love to display her earrings on it. Learn how to make it by visiting the link, given below.

Tutorial here: My Calicoskies Blog

#11 DIY Pegboard Jewellery Station


Now, hang all your jewellery on a nice big jewellery station, made by your own hands. You can find all your jewellery stuff easily, instead of searching it, while you are in a hurry to go out. So, make your own DIY pegboard jewellery station and simply avoid all the mess, created over your dressing table. To learn the detailed process of how to make it, just click the link, mentioned below.

Tutorial here: The 36th Avenue

#12 DIY Wire and Burlap Jewellery Holder


Is your dressing table all decked up with your jewellery and still you need more space to keep your ornaments? Don’t worry! You can make your own DIY wire and burlap jewellery holder with just an old frame, some burlap, and wires. I am sure; you will easily find all these things at your garage. Open the below given link and learn how to make it in a few simple steps.

Tutorial here: Making the World Cuter

#13 DIY Plaster Hand Jewellery Display

Jewelry-Organization-Idea (1)

If you want to have a unique and attractive jewellery holder, then this DIY plaster hand jewellery display is perfect. It is best suited to keep your rings and necklaces at one place. It also looks very attractive on your dressing table. So, open the link given below, and start making your own jewellery holder.

Tutorial here: Fashion Diva Design

#14 DIY Jewellery Organizer from a Thrifted Typeset Tray


Ever wondered a jewellery holder made from a thrifted typeset tray? Well, yes! You just need some U-shaped hooks, paint and a glue to arrange all your jewellery items at one place. You can paint the tray according to the colour that matches your wall. Open the link below and learn how to make your own DIY jewellery organizer from a thrifted typeset tray.

Tutorial here: Tonyastaab Blog

#15 DIY Twig Branch Jewellery Holder


Another unique and interesting way to hang your precious jewellery is a DIY twig branch jewellery holder. You need to pick some twig branches. Paint and stick them, and your own twig branch jewellery holder is ready. Learn how to make it by opening the link, given below.

Tutorial here: The Apple Seed Blog