15 Easy and Effective Tips to Enhance Your Eye Sight


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Stress and tension have become a part of our life, in this busy world. This tension is transmitted to eye muscles putting a strain on them. As a result, vision is affected. Don’t take the health of your eye for granted. Protect your eye- sight by seeking help from the following 15 simple tips:

1. Remove Eye Make- Up Before Sleeping

Wipe out the make-up of your eyes, completely and every night. If not removed, bits of the make- up will make your eyes leading to the scratches in your cornea.


2. Wear Large Cap/Hat And Sunglasses To Protect The Eyes

It will block about half of the harmful UV rays, reaching your eyes; thus will give protection to your eyes from the harsh glower of the sun-rays.


3. Eye Massage

Give massage to your eyes every night to reduce eyestrain and improve vision. Here is the video that shows eye massaging steps-

4. Have A ‘Spinach’ And ‘Fish’ Twice A Week and 2-to-4 Eggs Each Day

Ensure to have these nutrient- abundant eatables in your meal regularly. They prevent cataract; also, stop the age- related macular degeneration. If you don’t eat fish then fish-oil supplements can be an alternative.


5. Wipe Your Face With A Fresh Towel Every Time


Never share face- napkins and towels, as sharing are a guaranteed line- of- attack for the highly infectious ‘Conjunctivitis’.

6. Head Hang


Hang your head in upside down position for a few minutes every day. It increases the flow of blood to the head region; it benefits eyes, improves the health of hair and skin complexion.

Warning: Don’t do it for too long as it may burst blood vessels in your eyes.

7. Look at distant objects

Spend most of time in focussing the objects placed close to you. Do make a habit of focussing something placed distantly.


8. Evade Sugary Foods

Sugar is bad for eyes. It increases insulin in the blood which worsens the eye vision.


9. Improve Peripheral Vision

Whatever we see at the corner of our eyes, it is peripheral vision. To improve it, look straight -head focussing on a spot before you.  Then notice while your eyes still looking forward, what you can see out of your immediate field of vision (which is your peripheral sight). The repeated practice will improve your peripheral vision.


10. Don’t Wear Power-glasses


11. Exercise Your Eyes

Move your eyes from- the extreme left to the extreme right corner, and then, move to the extreme left corner.   Repeat these eye-movements ten times. Next is top-to-down and down-to-top eye movement exercise. Do this one also for 10 times. Lastly, move your eyes from top- left corner to top- right corner i.e do diagonal eye movement for 10 times.


These exercises give flexibility required to focus properly, and also lessens the stress of eyes.

12. Take Multi-Vitamin Every day

A daily supplement of multivitamin is helpful in reducing the risk of developing ARMD (Age-related macular degeneration), associated with vision loss.


13. Move Computer Screen Below The Level Of Eyes

Close your eyes slightly, while looking at the computer screen. This will minimize fluid evaporation and the hazard of dry eye syndrome.


14. Don’t Aim Car Vent At Your Face

Aim car vents away from your eyes, preferably to your feet.  Dry air of air-conditioner sucks the moisture of the eyes. Serious eye dryness may cause ‘corneal abrasions’. If it is not treated properly, it might lead towards the loss of sight.


15. Brisk Walks At Least 4- Times A Week

The risk of developing vision loss disease like- ‘Glaucoma’, can be reduced by taking a brisk walk on green grass, at least four times a week.


Start taking these steps from today to improve your vision!