15 Dumbest Valentine’s Day Cards, That Suck Big Time

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Some of you may find these cute but seriously people everything that’s pink and has hearts on it isnt cute. And those who find it funny, i get dumb humor but this is dumber than that. So basically all these cards shown down here are worth a watch for their critical appeal (i love to critical). So lets get a lil mean, folks (i hope you dont mind)!


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And, I naturally disagree with you, Even if you are Charles Darwin!


And, if this was to scare me, you succeeded!


So, that says we are gonna keep fighting about every damn thing the whole life, and still you are asking me to be your valentine. Eh?


And, you better get lost right now!


Just mind your feet… i am sure you wana fall for me not over me. Do you?


If you give this card to your girl, am sure you’ll be celebrating broken bones day instead of valentines.


That ‘THAT’ tells that you are the most perverted creature which would have still been okay, had you asked it out clearly.


Sure! But you need to jump deep down into the ocean first. Need a push?


Oh! You are good but i happen to like men with real facial features more. And heart-eyes? That’s petrifying, seriously!


So is this some sort of creative valentine exercise to improve relationships?


And, i’ll get some shit for you for am sure you’d love to eat it lil piggie!


Okay! I get the red and the hearts. The zebra seems a lil out of place. Doesnt it?


You better celebrate the valentines with the toilet seat, then!


And, i love those moustaches on the shoes and bags and stuff but its despicable on that card right now! Break Up!


If it was bad, still, it couldnt be THAT bad!