14-Year-Old Becomes a Mother: The Sad Plight of Child- Marriage in India

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When Krishna was 11- year- old, they wed her off to Gopal, who was just 13. Now she’s 14, and a mother. Her son was born four months ago; she nearly died during that period, and had to be hospitalized for many days after the delivery. Gopal says that he put his wife’s life on risk, whose recovery was “nothing less than a miracle”. He was keen to have a child “because of boredom”. His family’s estates- the soybean fields are no longer fertile; Gopal, with nothing else to do, regularly comes back home drunk.

In India, the legal age of getting married is 18 and 21 years for girls and boys, respectively. However, this simply does not help the situation, as 40% of world’s child- marriages take place in India. The United Nations, along with the Government of India, has undertaken major initiatives to raise awareness against this malice. Strengthening of law enforcement and investing in girls’ education is some steps taken in this regard. But, the political state of India still remains a matter of concern when we are ignorant. The badly informed politicians are considering child- marriage as the only possible solution to rape, and other atrocities against women. India needs to wake- up, and prevent its people from further repetitions of such blunders and mishaps.

The following pictures depict the sad tale of Krishna, who should be studying and playing like the girls of her age should:

Krishna, victim of child marriage.



Krishna and Gopal with their kid


Trying to make her child sleep


Krishna doing household work when she should be holding books in her hands..


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