14 Best Chocolates For Your Valentine

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Is your valentine all about heart shaped candies, strawberry bars, mint chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, or a box of homemade chocolates… or all of above? What would you like to gift your sweetie? Nothing says like a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day! And, if you are a chocoholic, you will certainly like to check out the chocolate roll, for this Valentine.

Take a look!

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Chocolate Rose Bunch

A bunch of roses in dark chocolate, for the Rosy and the Rose.

Rs. 810

Valentine Heart Chocolate

The heart shaped “I love you” note is adorable for you. Pick on this one!

Rs. 299

Party Dips Pack

If this is the first Valentine’s Day for your sweetie, I am sure she/he will require loads of cuddling, and cajole.

Rs. 1099

Online Chocolates

If you have a geek girlfriend/boyfriend, there are chances that she/he is gonna love you for that.

Rs. 950

Fruit and Nut Chocolate

If your lovable is more of a nuts, and chew kind of person, it’s the best option.

Rs. 899

Bourneville Cadbury- Hazel Nut Dark Chocolate Box

If she/he is more of a bitter person, check it out!

Rs. 275

Butter Toffees

If your love is utterly buttery delicious!

Rs. 120

Valentine Orange Chocolates

For someone, who is classy…

Rs. 299

Whitman’s Sugar Free Chocolates

If your pie is calorie conscious…

Rs 720

Red Box Heart

Coz red is the colour for the day…

Rs 449

Pink Sugar candy

If she/he has a sweet tooth…

Rs. 400

Valentine Puppy Box

And if she/he is a dog lover, gift this dog box. I am sure, she will let u have all the candies, but not let you take the box.

Rs. 800

Gold Coin Chocolates

If your Valentine is bit money minded, this would click. Present it with a note…!

Rs 215

Cadbury Éclairs Brownie

If you have loads of Valentines, and a little to spend, go with it.

Just one for each!

Rs. 250

Happy Valentine’s Day!