13 Weird Facts about Our Body that will Surprise You

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Human body is a mystery, which is hard to clunk. We are discussing few creepy facts of our own body, which will make your head bewildered with thoughts. People, you are advised to hold your breath, and get started.

1.  What if you lose some of your essential organs from your body, like your stomach, 70% of liver, spleen, 75% of intestine, one lung, one kidney, or organs from your groin and pelvic area? Awww!  Just think, will you be able to survive? Well, I am not saying that you will be all hale and hearty, but yes, you would live.

2.  Here are some interesting facts. Have you ever thought how much saliva we produce in our lifetime? Let me tell you, it’s more like filling two big swimming pools.


3. Do you know which the hardest bone in our body is? It is the jawbone. The strongest muscle in the human body is our tongue. It is strange, isn’t it?

4.  Do you feel ticklish when someone tickles you? But have you ever thought why you don’t feel anything, when you try to tickle yourself. Well, it’s because you mentally know the motion and manner of the tickle.

5.  Why we always hear that women can be a great spy. Perhaps, we have the capacity to smell more than a man. Our nose can recognize about 50,000 different scents, throughout our life.

6.  There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our body.


7.  Here comes one more important fact about humans; in our body, the only part which cannot be repaired, is our ‘Tooth’. 

8.  The size of your eyes is same since your birth, but the size of your ears and nose keeps growing.

9.  Human heart beats 100,000 times in a day.

10.  Our fingernails and hairs are made of the same substance.

11.  Our brain contains more than 75% water.

12.  Do you know, what runs in the mind of a pregnant woman when she sleeps? Well, it’s scientifically proven that most women during pregnancy, dream about worms, frogs, and potted plants. It’s because of hormonal imbalance in the body.


13.  It’s weird but true that your brain and 10-watts of light bulb functions in the same way and our brains are more active in the night than in the day.

I hope; you have learned some unusual facts of your body, and must have enjoyed knowing the weird and informative angles.