13 Most Popular Skincare Myths to Keep in Mind


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When it comes to skin, there are lots of myths that get attached to our skin. In a country like India, mostly people have their own assumptions in predicting the skin care regimes and curing the various skin ailments. One thing to be kept in mind is that you should not go by what people say about; rather you should feel what is good and what is bad for your skin. Here are a few common skincare myths that you always should keep in mind.



Myth #1- Sunscreen Doesn’t Suit All Skin Types


It is a commonly believed myth that sunscreen does not suit all skin types. In fact, every skin requires sunscreen as a sun protection. No matter your skin is sensitive to sun or not, still you require protecting your skin. Else you will end up burning your skin that may result in irritation on skin, dark spots, patches, etc.

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Myth #2- Pores Get Opened and Closed


It is another very common myth, and this one I have discussed in detail Do pores really get opened or closed myth busted . Actually, pores do not have muscles to contract or expand. They can just get closed or open up. They cannot be treated with any home remedy or skin care product.

Myth#3- Only Expensive Skin Care Products Will Work upon Your Skin


Most people believe that if they will buy the cheap products, they won’t work that much as compared to an inexpensive, branded skincare product.  In fact, the cost of a product should depend on the ingredient and not on the brand’s name. For example, tea tree oil helps to reduce acne and blemishes, and it will work the same whether you buy a cheap product or an expensive one. Choice is yours!

Myth #4- Anti-Ageing Creams Can Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles


These days, anti ageing cream is probably the most selling product in the market as most people are conscious about their ageing skin and the signs of ageing. They start applying anti-ageing creams right from the early 30s. Factually, these creams work wonder on your skin. They merely moisturize your skin and hence fewer lines get visible.

Myth #5- People with Acne Prone Skin Should Not Use Oil Containing Product


Many people fear of buying products that contain oil as this will cause more acne on their skin. This is a myth as there are certain oils like Jojoba, coconut and chamomile that are extremely nourishing for your skin and do not cause any acne, rather protect your skin and moisturize it, making it soft and supple.

Myth#6- You Do Not Require a Sunscreen During Winters


Most people stop using sunscreen during winters as they think that winter’s sun is not that harsh and does not cause sunburn or suntan. It is a false statement as you require sunscreen every time you step out in the sun, to protect your skin from sun damage. In fact, you should use sunscreen even when you are sitting at your home as UV rays might get emitted from your tube-lights as well.

Myth#7- Toning Can Be Skipped in CTM Process


Most women commit this mistake that they skip to tone their skin after moisturizing their skin. In fact, toning makes moisturizer to seal all the water in your skin, thus making it more hydrated and supple.

Myth#8- Oily Skin Doesn’t Need Moisturizers


Many of you believe that if you have oily skin, then you do not require a moisturizer to put. It is again a wrong statement as you should not use heavy and greasy moisturizers for oily skin, but you should definitely use the gel-based moisturizers for such skin type, to give your skin a boost of water that it needs.

Myth#9- You Should Not Use the Same Skin Care Product for Long as It Stops Working


This is another myth that people believe. Many people come with a myth that same skin care product, if used for a long time, stops responding. Actually your skin responds quickly in the beginning and slowly after a point of time. So, you should not stop using a particular skin care product as long as you do not get allergic to that product or that product doesn’t harm you.

Myth#10- Vitamin E Oil from Capsules Is Good for Skin


Many dry skin owners must have tried this myth and must not be satisfied with the aftermaths. Vitamin E, if used over 5% of dose, may cause irritation on your skin and white patches. Hence you should use it in quantity and volume less than 5 %, preferably because it is rightly said that the excess of everything is bad.

Myth#11- Clay Masks Can Remove Blackheads from Your Face


When you develop blackheads around your nose, you start applying clay mask to get rid of blackheads and other facial impurities. Clay masks are actually effective against breakouts and other blemishes, but it certainly doesn’t remove any blackhead. Blackheads can only be removed manually by scrubbing or blackhead removing tool at a salon.

Myth#12- You Should Use the Cleanser Toner and Moisturizer of the Same Brand for Effective Results


Many sales assistants often misguide women by telling them that they should use the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer of the same brand, in order to get the maximum results. It is just a part of their sales agenda as each and every product works individually on the skin and has a different action on your skin. Hence, you can always mix-n-match the product, to get optimum results and benefits.

Myth# 13- Soothing Crèmes Can Reduce Post Break out Scars


Beauticians often suggest their clients that they should use a soothing cream to treat post breakout scars. Scars go naturally, and no cream can soothe them. You just need to have patience and self control to wait for things to happen naturally, rather than using products all the time.

So, I think these are a few popular myths that are associated with skin care. If you know any such skin care myth, write that to us, and it will be featured on our site with your name.