13 Foods That Will Help You Stay Hydrated in the Summer

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I can already foresee sweaty and sultry summers with dull and dehydrated days and tiring nights. The days start on a tiring note, noon stretches with boredom and sleepiness, and nights end at no vigor at all. Nevertheless, you can make it as invigorating as you actually want to by staying fresh, energetic, and cool.

All you require to perform is to gorge upon certain foods and drinks that will not only keep your body cool, but will also likewise help you overcome the sweatiness and tiredness of never ending and fretting summer days and nights. Here is the list of foods to assist you stay hydrated in summers.

#1 Water


There cannot be a better amigo in the summers than water. Drink it, play it, breathe it or consume it, wherever you can. The biggest reason behind feeling lethargy is the dehydration because you tend to drink less quantity of water, which is not enough to keep the cells hydrated and plumped. According to the experts, one should drink a minimum of 2 liters of water in a day (you can drink as much as you can beyond these minimum liters).

#2 Cucumber


Though, water is the most essential drink to quench your thirst in summers, there are certain foods that certainly help in keeping your body well hydrated and quenched. One such food is cucumber, which contains almost 97 percent of water, and is highly recommended to have it in the form of salad to fill up the deficiency of water inside the body.

You can also consume it in various other forms, like cucumber smoothie, soup, juice, etc.

#3 Iceberg Lettuce


It may not be a very healthy source of fiber, but it is exceptionally good when it comes to fulfill the water content of the body as it also contains equal amounts of water as contained in a cucumber. You can have plenty of iceberg lettuce in salads with no guilt as it is going to make you look radiant by refilling the water inside your body. You can also have it as a base layer in your scrumptious sandwiches and see what wonders it does for you.

#4 Radish


Radish is rich in water and is also a powerful antioxidant that is sufficient to protect you from ailments while keeping you hydrated for a long time. They are literally so juicy that you won’t require the dollop of mayo for your coleslaw and will go all raw. You can complement them with lettuce, chopped carrots, sliced snow peas and have it the way you want it – salad or sandwich.

#5 Tomatoes


Whether its summer or winter, tomatoes are always recommended by the nutritionists all over the globe for having possessed so many qualities. Water content in tomatoes is significantly high that keep your body hydrated and nourished. Besides, tomatoes contain an antioxidant, called lycopene, which plays an important role in keeping wrinkles, fine lines at bay while making your skin brighter and flawless. Now, I actually don’t need to tell you the ways, in which, you can have tomatoes as there are so many dishes from appetizers to snacks to the main course, in which you can have it.

#6 Capsicum


Yes, capsicum is yet another veggie that contains a plethora of water needed to quench your thirst in summers. Capsicums contain a much more quantity of water than their other variants, such as red and yellow bell pepper. They make for one of the best pre-dinners and late night snacks, and are good to go into any form.

#7 Cauliflower


It might be pale in color, but will certainly help you come out of the summer paleness. Cauliflower is potent enough and contains high levels of water that is 93 percent. Not only this, florets of cauliflower make for a great antioxidant and help to fight cancer and other diseases.

#8 Watermelon


Ah!! While talking about foods that quench thirst in summers, no one can forget probably the juiciest fruit ever- the watermelon.  The color itself is so tempting that one can’t resist having this juicy fruit at any time of the day.  Like tomatoes, watermelon also contains oodles of lycopene, which is sufficient enough to fight carcinogens (cancer causing agents).

#9 Spinach


Although, lettuce contains more levels of water, spinach is also a good choice to have as lettuce may come as a little expensive veggie and everyone might not afford to buy it to stay hydrated. Spinach is sold at a cheaper price, and it keeps your body well nourished and hydrated.

#10 Star Fruit


Star fruit is an exceptionally nourishing and juicy fruit that not only quenches thirst, but also does other good to our body. Its texture is similar to a pineapple, but has a sweet and tart taste altogether. It is advised to you to have rich quantities of this fruit in summer, but if you have renal problems, you should better avoid it as it contains a plethora of oxalic acid.

#11 Strawberries


Although, it is quite difficult to find strawberries in summer in Indian markets, but if you manage to find it, you will no longer be asking for any more hydration. They have a natural sweetness and are exceptionally good at nourishing your body from within. Have plentiful of them every day to stay hydrated and disease-free.

#12 Broccoli


Broccolis are crunchy and hydrating enough to quench your summer thirst. Besides being high in water content, broccolis contain high doses of vitamin A and C and are quite efficacious in removing cancer causing cells out of the body.

#13 Cantaloupe


Next to the watermelon, cantaloupe is a highly efficacious fruit that can be seen flooding everywhere in the market. Even one quarter of a cantaloupe fulfills your daily intake of vitamin A and C and adds merely 50 calories to your dietary regimen.