12 Weirdly Unique Houses in the World, Where People Live

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We as commoners would like to dwell either in a normal, standard or maybe a lavish house (only if our budget supports us). There are some however, who went beyond our imaginations and chose to live in the distinctiveness, leaving the conventional method far behind. It might appear funny or uncanny to you, but for some it’s their heaven on earth, made with all their passion and heart. Let’s check out some of the amazing domiciles, which have been so successful in grabbing the attention of every eye and mind.

1. Cave Houses of Cappadocia- Turkey:

This comes under the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. This was built in the period of Roman Empire and is situated in the early area of Anatolia. This infrastructure has set an unbelievable example about the mechanisms of how people have created and transformed this quite unusual geology into livable adobes. Its rocky steeples and striking landscapes render mysterious vibes. People residing here are inhabitants followed by many centuries, yet the number of modern settlers is increasing day by day.

2.  Casa Do Penedo (The Flintstones House)– Portugal :

The exceptional house is located close to the village called Pereira in Portugal. It has been popularly known as the modern age stone house, aka, Flintstones house. So would you have ever thought of building a house with two big rocks squeezing the roof as walls, and creating so much of hullaballoo? But, by building this bizarre house back in 1974, the owner Vitor Rodrigues, gathered a lot of attention and aficionados from every corner of the globe.

3. The Walking Houses:

Walking house is mainly prepared by the Wysing Arts Centre in specific project in Cambridgeshire. It’s a modular private home which helps those who wanted to live an undisturbed nomadic life. It gathers energy from the solar cells and tiny windmills and moves slowly in the countryside or cityscape. A system to collect rain water and contain solar heated water is also installed in it.

4. The Ship House- Benson Ford:

Situated on an incredible site, the Ship Residence is placed on the South Bass Island near Lake Erie at Ohio. After 50 years of its services, when the boat called as ‘The Benson Ford’, was ordered to be scrapped; auspiciously an Ohio couple bought and turn out this as their incredible private dwelling.

5.  Ultra-Tiny House, Tokyo:

Fuyuhito Moriya, a 39 year-old bachelor, bought a 30 square meter parking space in Tokyo and built a 3 storey house for his mother and himself. This exclusive house has been prepared by saving a lot of money and space. He has used a triangular staircase in the place of spiral one for saving several inches. He hoards appliances in sliding cabinets and shares the bedroom. This ultra small house has become a focus to consider about in this inflating economy.

6.  ‘Just Room Enough’ House: 

You might think that the small house might have been drifted away by the flood water, however in reality; it is built on an island which has exactly the same dimension of the house. It is situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River between Canada and America. The Sizeland family purchased this house in the 1950s. They surely got a perfect destination to be away from the hubbub of daily life. Additionally, its novelty converted this island into an interesting tourist attraction in short span of time.

 7.  Ultramodern Hobbit House:

The Hobbit House is in Switzerland, nearby famed Vals thermal baths. The building gives an impression of sinking into the mountains. It seems like the owners wanted to get escaped or underground themselves from the chaotic world, still keeping a touch with natural surroundings.  But, hold on; don’t you be fooled by it’s bunker inspired design. This bunker house has all ultra modern amenities within it and is quite modular from inside, which is very unlike it’s outer appearance.

 8.  Sidewalk Egg House:

This egg house is made by a Chinese architect, Dai Haifei. He also lives in this pod which is framed with bamboo wood chips and the outside with stacks of budding grass. It may appear quite a small place to dwell in for you; however, it has the capacity to hold a bed, a night table and a water tank. When we gripe to replace our big rooms with the much bigger ones and that for doing no so exceptional, there’s someone who very well knows, how to utilize less space for big purposes.

9.  Extreme Tree Houses:

Though the small house gives a picture of old tribal era, this still exists till date. The Korowai tribe of New Guinea, chose to make their domicile up to 165 feet above the ground, feeling the air. The reasons for preparing the house on such a height are to avoid any attacker, flood and insect or ant horde. Nonetheless, it does look amazing, but none of us would surely like to keep our lives at such a stake on a daily basis. Would you?

 10.  Zombie-Proof House :

While one can only think of a house to live in, the owners stretched their panoramas and got the world’s first “Zombie-Proof Home” for security purposes. There are no safety measures left while constructing this exotic dwelling. The walls are movable, the exteriors have an open and shut function, just with a touch of buttons. It also features secret openings, a retractable drawbridge, and a sliding security entrance, which can close off the entire property. No damn chances to even blink on the architectural elite of Poland.

11.  The Bridge House:

The Bridge house was situated around one hour’s drive  from Adelaide. Max Pritchard being an architect, showed his innovation through this adventurous site. The house is surrounded by the flourishing green landscape. It is constructed with concrete floors, two steel trusses and steel decking, with a roof made of plantation pipes. The house has transparent glass walls. This is called- living life on the bridge.

12.  Cave Land in Festus, MO, USA:

The Sleeper Family in the year 2003, spotted this area and decided to turned this cave into their residence. They divided the space into a three-bedroom hall and some space for the kids to ride bikes and skateboards. The Sleeper family had tough times to pay the mortgages of their house. Now, they are enjoying the fact that their sweet home has become one of the attractions for tourists in Missouri.