12 Tricks to Get a Perfect Flat Stomach

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If you fret seeing your loose flab, which is hanging over your jeans, here are some genius ways to get the sexy middle that you wish to have! A flat belly cannot be achieved by doing 3 sets of crunches every day… You need to understand the basic science (Behind the flat stomach).

Here are 12 Ways to Know “How to Shed Stomach Fat” :

1.  3 PM Itch


What you grab to eat at 3 pm is very beneficial, to maintain a track of your sugar. Eat a snack that contains high protein. You can also pick an apple or few almonds at this time. It is important to munch something healthy, to keep your sugar level down. It is very essential to eat something between lunch and dinner, to maintain blood sugar in level. The less is your sugar, the less will be your insulin.

2.  Take a Ball

The best tip! Do the ball game thrice in a week. You need a medicine ball that should weigh at least 4 kgs.

How to :


Lie down on your back, and bend your knees at 90 degrees, as seen in the picture above. Put the medicine ball between your knees and rest your hands on your chest. Your feet should touch the floor.  Now exhale when you bend forward towards your knees, at the same time move your knees also closer to your chest. Now grab the ball from the middle of your knees, and inhale while you go backward. Bring the ball to your chest. To repeat the crunch, shift the ball again in between your knees, and keep doing the ball exchange. Do this at least 30 times.

3.  Sip Tea Without Sugar


If you are a tea addict, you will take in high sugar content. Go for black tea instead of milk tea. Also try lemon tea for a different taste. I know it is difficult to be away from foods that you love but you cannot slim down with ease. Understand! The lower is your sugar the higher your Glucagon will be in your body. Glucagon (a hormone) is your best buddy in the body, to shape your waist line.

4.  Chew … Chew and chew!


Chew your meal until your food is like a chocolate sauce in your mouth. That is what our moms told us when we were small. Digestion takes place first in the mouth if food is not well chewed, proper digestion may not occur. If proper digestion does not occur, bloating and gas problems may begin.

5.  Do Abs


Do abs thrice a week. Spend twenty minutes doing abs exercise. Practice this exercise in front of your trainer. He will check your posture and will teach you the moves accordingly. It is better exercising in front of your trainer as he would keep a strict check over you and not let you be lazy!

6.  Check your Salt Content


Did you know Salt is the main culprit that makes your stomach bloated? Check the salt content in your diet. The salt content in your diet is responsible in making you fatty. Go for “sea salt” instead of table salts. Sea salt contains low sodium levels. Also, stay away from “soya sauce” as they contain an element that bloats you up in no time. No matter how miserable you feel in eating low salt content, you have too…!

7.  Throw Punches


Guys! Do not get excited while reading this! Here, punches mean “your cardio exercises”. When you hit punches at a very high pace, it helps you to flatten your lower section. Punching also burns your extra calories. Include punching in your daily fitness routine, and lose 3-5 inches from your tummy area. Simply, do boxing over heavy weights and enjoy your slim waist.

8.  Belly Cheat


Well! Draw all the attention to a different body part if a loose flab is hanging over your belly button. If you have a sexy cleavage, like it.  And if you have tall sexy legs, flaunt them with shorts or skirts. Show off your toned shoulders with a boat neck. All you have to do is to play with your clothing. The way you accessorise, it matters!

9.  Size Does Matter


Yes! We know size matters, but here we are talking about something serious! Eating whole grains foods is a good way to keep your belly in shape. People, who take whole grain food daily, stay free from acquiring abdominal fat. And, if you want a fat free tummy, indulge a lot of brown bread, beans, and pulses in your diet.

10.  Plan Your Menu

Plan your meals for flat stomach

If you want a sexy navel, include this menu in your daily routine


  • One slice of whole bread
  • Peanut butter
  • A cup of berries


  • Sliced avocado
  • Spinach salad
  • Grilled tofu
  • Tomatoes seasoned with olive oil and lemon
  • 1 Chapatti
  • Evening snack
  • A cup of yogurt

Fruits at 4 PM

  • Banana
  • Papaya
  • Apple


  • Grilled fish
  • Soup (vegetable or chicken)


  • Stew
  • A green vegetable
  • A slice of brown bread

On Sundays, if you feel like having a meal, take it of your choice. Otherwise, stick to the routine.

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11.  Laugh

Attractive young woman with hand in hair, laughing

The best workout for your abs is laughing aloud! Each time you laugh, your abs muscle strengthens. These days, everywhere, there are laughing clubs so if you make excuses, you do not have a reason to laugh, join Laughing clubs. Keep in mind if burst out laughing, it will do well to your abs.

12.  Exercise


Apart from all the extra measures that you take, do not forget to exercise religiously. If you want your over all body to be in a shape, do exercise! The bottom mantra is to stay fit, no matter if it is your Belly or legs!