12 Tips for Safe Lodging

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Wow! It’s great. You are going to Australia for celebrating your vacations! Means you have completely planned your journey. Have you any idea, where you will lodge there?? No idea….!! OMG! How can you forget to book a hotel in advance?

For accomplishing any assignment, discovering novel frontiers or for relaxing….whatever may be the reason for your travel, don’t ignore the important aspect, that is, safe lodging, especially when you are going alone.

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Here are some tips:

  1. Accepting lodging from unfamiliar person?….wait…wait! Don’t do this. It may be an invitation to peril.
  2. Try to manage your travel during day, so that you will have enough time to search for a secured accommodation, before twilight.
  3. If you are supposed to arrive at night, it’s better to book a hotel in advance.
  4. Choose that hotel where taxis or public transportation are close by and readily available.
  5. Before taking the room, check it and ensure that there are escape routes and fire alarms, no holes in the walls and the lock of the door is working properly.
  6. Don’t book a room that has straightforward entrance from outside (such as from fire escape and balcony).
  7. Book a room that is away from exits and close to elevator.
  8. While going outside the hotel, don’t leave important documents and valuables in the room.
  9. Never open the door to anyone. Before unfastening the door, look through the door chain or the spy hole. If the person standing outside the door avows to be a staff affiliate, always enquire the front desk whether the person is authoritative to enter your room.
  10. If your room has a balcony or it is on the ground-floor, then keep the windows closed.
  11. Write your name with only first initial, while checking in. Don’t use any title (such as Ms., Miss or Mrs.) before your name.
  12. Keep your room location and number confidential.

Choose a secured accommodation and have a cozy journey!