12 Surprising Things You didn’t Know about Facebook Yet

1. Facebook- The breakup room


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In 2011, every 3rd divorce filed, contained the term ‘Facebook’.  The most common reasons cited for the divorce were inappropriate messages to the opposite sex, Facebook friends reporting about spouse’s behavior, etc.

2.  Get paid for Hacking into FB


Yep! You read it right! Facebook pays $500 to anyone, who can hit upon an original bug in their system and software. Basically Facebook does it in order to show appreciation to their security team, and of course there are conditions applied!

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3.  Ahoy there! Pirate fan?


Here’s something really entertaining. You can now change your Facebook language to pirate. So all your friends become “Cap’n” by default, and pictures are called portraits. Commenting would be scrawling a mark, and to LIKE a picture you just need to say “Arr!”. Instead of add a status you’ll see ‘what be troubling’ ye?’! lol!

Sounds fun? Try it today!

4. Hooker Pages on Facebook


A Columbia university’s researcher conducted a study and found that 83 percent of prostitutes have their own Facebook pages. Sudhir Venkatesh (the researcher), also found out that these girls get maximum clients through Facebook, and only a few are still provided by the escort agencies.

After seeing marriages forming and marriages breaking on FB, I guess it isn’t that surprising that those hookers are luring their clients through Facebook.

5.  Facebook writing constitutions. Eh?


Iceland finally decided to rewrite its constitution in 2011. Well they actually decided it back in 2008, but ‘procrastination is bliss’ you see! So basically, a council of 25 people came up with the initial draft of the new constitution and then the draft was put on Facebook, and people were asked to suggest amendments and debate over the constitution. So the final result was a mixed effort of the council members, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Isn’t that truly “by the people, for the people and from the people”?

6. The couple who got murdered for un-friending someone…


The madness happened in Tennessee. The couple Billie Jean Hayworth and Billy Clay Payne Jr. unfriended Jenelle Potter on Facebook, following which, Jenelle’s father killed the poor couple. Does this sound bizarre to you? Then lemme tell you this is not the first time some stupid thing has led to a serious crime on Facebook. A man was accused of beating his wife for not liking a post about the death of his mother on Facebook.

Yeah! So Facebook can screw a perfectly healthy mind too!

7.  Farmville’s cows making good money!


Every one of us has played Farmville, Frontierville, Yoville, etc. on Facebook, and then gotten bored of it and then played it again, and the series continues! Zynga the maker of these games is one of the major money minters for Facebook. In 2011 zynga earned Facebook, revenue of 445 millions. Also Farmville brags of a strength of 60 million users!

So next time when you play Farmville, don’t think you are killing time, you are making money for Facebook!

8. Disease called Facebook Addiction Disorder


After the unending popularity of Facebook, scientists have discovered a new disease called – Facebook addiction disorder. An American psychologist defines the term FAD as “a condition that is defined by hours spent on Facebook, so much time in fact, that the healthy balance of the individual’s life is affected. It has been said that approximately 350 million people are suffering from the disorder that is detected through a simple set of six-criteria.”

9.  Unfriending was the coolest thing to do back in 2009


The new oxford dictionary declared ‘unfriend’, as the word of the year, in 2009. Hence, unfriend is a dictionary term meaning “to remove someone as a friend on a social networking site”. However there’s a debate over whether the word should be unfriend or defriend!!!

… And I thought the oxford people must be the intellectual lot!

10.  And that’s where it all started fromthings-about-facebook-10

In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg, who was a Harvard student created an online portal called Facemash.  Now Facemash had pictures of undergraduates, where viewers could rank them by their hotness quotient.  This is what was later converted into what we today call – Facebook. But I guess, Facemash must have  been really interesting!

11.  What kind of a country bans Facebook? Wait! Is that even possible?

things-about-facebook-11Well yes! Facebook is banned in a few countries like Syria, Iran and china. Their governments fear a revolution through Facebook’s virtual society or some want to protect their countries from false teachings and blah blah blah…

What I was wondering is, then how come I’ve seen so many Lee’s and Chang’s and Tong’s on Facebook! Smart government, smarter public, I guess!

12.  Facebook cum stalk book!


It’s been revealed in a survey that more than 60% boys and girls have stalked their exes on Facebook. That seems justified; after all, you can know everything your ex is up to, after dumping you, and absolutely nobody will come to know about your stalking. So basically so much information without any public humiliation! *starry eyed*