12 Simple Tips for Painless Bikini Waxing

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Bikini waxing is something that is strong enough to scare every girl to the core. So much, that most girls would rather prefer to shave or use hair removal lotions. But let me not sugarcoat it and tell you that the results are much better with waxing coz it not only remove your hair, the next growth is really slow and softer. So, maybe it’s time to stop dreading this day and fix an appointment for the bikini wax!

Here are some tailor-made tips that’ll make your painful bikini waxing session almost painless. Now, ‘Bikini waxing’ and ‘painless’ sound so oxymoronic but these are some amazingly effective tips that’ll reduce your pain a lot.

1.  Plan the Perfect Timings for Wax


The perfect time to plan a bikini wax is after your periods. Your body can endure much more pain after periods, than the time before it. I mean, every silly-sully thing makes you cry when you are about to get down, so waxing is a tough battle for sure.

 2.  Exfoliation Helps


Exfoliate your skin, the day before waxing. While you take shower the night before, use a loofah to exfoliate the skin properly.

 3.  Use Baby Oil 


Apply  baby oil gently before going to sleep. This will make your hair soft, and it’ll be easy to get rid of them.

4. Be Fearless


Don’t get over-conscious. It’s natural to feel a lil awkward, baring it all in front of a stranger, but consider it similar to a gynae appointment. The less anxious you are, the less it will hurt.

 5.  Steaming will Surely Help


If possible, take steam in the morning so that the hair gets softer and pores are open.

 6. Go for Soft Wax


Hard wax is less painful than soft wax, so, go to a saloon that uses it.

 7.  Know the More Sensitive Area


It’ll hurt more in the lower abdomen area, than near the labia.

 8. Take Medications if Necessary


Take Advil, Tylenol, etc an hour before the waxing session. It really helps.

9. A li’l Wine Wink


Wine will help too!

10. Avoid Shaving

Say no to shaving for pubic hair removal

You should try to avoid shaving as much as possible. Shaving causes the coarse rough. Ask your esthetician to press hard on the area right after they tear the strip. This will reduce the sting and give the area instant warmth, which makes it kinda relaxing.

11. Distraction is the trick


Cough when the waxing strip is about to be stripped off. That distracts you from the pain, and it hurts less.

12.  Try Brazilian Bikini Wax


Try Brazilian wax for better results. But don’t try it if it’s your first time. You may not get all neat and shiny in the first time. If the area is stripped again and again, it might cause rashes.