12 Silly Excuses You Must Give Up for Losing Weight

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

– Jordan Belfort

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I don’t have sufficient support…I am too old to exercise myself….!

Are you still stuck to such excuses with the same old reasons? If so, you can never shed your pounds. You need the willingness and strong determination to return back to your shape. Say a big NO to “–but and –if” attitude towards fitness.

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Here are 12 excuses that stop you from losing weight.

Excuse 1- “I don’t have time to exercise or cook nutritious meals.”

Solution- Most of the working women give this excuse. I agree you might not have time, but health is wealth. So, do not compromise with your nutrition, and save time to prepare your meal. Give up some activities that suck your time like computers and television, and utilize that time in doing exercise. You can also shed your weight by walking with your friend, playing with your kids at the park, and exercising while watching a television (if you can’t give up watching television), etc. 

Excuse 2- I will eat it now and skip the dinner.”

Solution- You can’t save calories by missing meals. Skipping the meals can trigger your hunger. In comparison to regular eaters, meal skippers consume more protein, carbs, and other calorie rich foods. So, eat small meals and keep an eye on what you are consuming.

Excuse 3- “I need lots of carbohydrates to refuel as I just worked out.”

Solution- If you have burned 200 calories by working out, it doesn’t give you a license to eat everything you want. Instead of refuelling yourself with 400-calorie snack, stimulate the muscle repair with a snack that contains a combo of protein and carbs (such as fruit and yogurt). 

Excuse 4- “I don’t know from where to start.”

Solution- Relinquish this excuse now! Begin with tossing out the wrong food and getting the healthy food stuff, into your house. Then, keep your body in motion by doing exercise.

Excuse 5- “It’s just a bite.”

Solution- If you think that an extra bite or meal won’t make you fat, your perception is absolutely wrong! According to a study, you can pack 10 pounds every year for every 100 extra calories, you eat daily. Next time, remember your weight loss goal before eating that one extra bite.

Excuse 6- “I love to eat.”

Solution- You should eat if you want to lose weight. But, the trick is that you need to eat healthy food in small portions, and on time.

Excuse 7- “Exercising is not fun.”

Solution- You can’t achieve physical fitness by outright purchase or wishful thinking. To make work out a fun activity, find your exercise buddy or take up that ‘sport’ again, which you used to play when you were younger. Watch television while exercising. Instead of doing the same exercise daily, hit upon something new. 

Excuse 8“I can’t afford to eat healthy.”

Solution- Are not the foods like baked food, ice-cream, cookies, chips, candy, or soda, which you love to eat with a great pleasure, expensive? In fact, these weight boosting foods are costlier than the healthy produce.

Excuse 9- “I can have it because it is made with fruit”

Solution- The packed fruit syrups, fruit snacks, or fruit juices available in the market, which claim to be healthy, in reality, they contain sugar and are junk food in disguise. Therefore, it’s better to eat the whole fruit, instead of these processed products. Whole fruits keep you hydrated, regulate blood sugar levels, and improve the digestion by providing you fibres.

Excuse 10- “I am healthy because I popped a multivitamin.”

Solution- If you prefer a buffet over an organic meal, and are less likely to exercise because you take a multivitamin, get prepared to face the unintended consequences. Multivitamin supplements can reduce your stress but can’t make you a superwoman. So, give up this excuse and begin to exercise, and eat the organic meals.

Excuse 11- “It’s weekend, so I can eat more.”

Solution- After hard work at office for the whole week, all of us wish to have a relaxing weekend. On weekends, we can’t resist ourselves from doing things we love. Well, food is no exception!  You were so strict about your exercise and diet routine during the entire week, then why to jeopardise your attempts at the end of the week!

Excuse 12- “It’s low-calorie or low fat, so it’s good to eat.”

Solution- Many people overeat low-calorie or low fat food, perceiving them to be healthy. But the fact is something else! To make the low calorie packaged food taste good, sugar is added to them. Therefore, they have same calories as in their regular version. Next time, when you come across the low fat food, do not make any excuse to eat it in excess!