12 Random Signs to Know That a Guy Likes You

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Here are 12 ways, to know that a guy is in love with you.

# Sign 1


If you find the guy staring at you constantly (at your face if not then he is a pervert), look at him, he will behave as, he wasn’t staring at you. If he is scared, to keep an eye contact with you, then it is a primary reason that he likes you. If you catch him staring at you maximum for 6 times for a day, that means he likes you.

# Sign 2


He would try to sit next to you in classes, workplace, or restaurants. Yes, he will try his level best to sit near to you. If you guys hangout in a same group, then whether you go for movies or long drives, he will always make sure that he sits near.

# Sign 3


If you both are in a same place, party, or event, then he will follow you. You go… I go too. Come on! He likes you and cares about you. He gets worried about you, so follows you. He does this as you are his responsibility.

# Sign 4

Man flirting with woman

He will speak loudly, will laugh and scream when you are about to grab the attention. This might sound weird to you, but boys do this. Whenever they have feelings for girls, they try to show off a lil bit so that you notice him (may be annoyed), but you will notice.

# Sign 5

Two business colleagues picking up dropped files and paperwork from the floor

He will be the first person, who will approach you If you will ask for a help. Off course, he will because he likes you. If you have dropped your stuff, he will jump and be the first one to pick it up. He will try to make you think that he is a nice guy, and deserves to be your boyfriend.

# Sign 6


He will ask to your friends, for information related to you, such as your likings and disliking. Some boys do not have the guts to ask girls (especially the one they like) about their likes and dislikes, and other personal information. The best sources of help for him, in that case, are your friends.

# Sign 7


If you say hi or hello to him, you will notice that he will blush the whole day. You’ll see a difference in his behaviour. He will talk to his friends, more than he usually does. He will give you a smile, every time you see to him.  You will find him saying the same words for that day; ‘it’s the best day’ (uncountable times).

# Sign 8


You will become the only reason for him, to come regularly to the workplace, college, etc. If you are absent for a day, then it will become the day of apocalypse for him.

# Sign 9


He will talk to other girls, to make you feel jealous. He will give you several glances, to check if you are affected. This sounds a bit stupid because if a girl is not interested in knowing about the guy’s feelings, then it’s next to impossible to feel jealous.

# Sign 10


He will try to get friendly with your close friends, to get closer to you; after all, they are the ones, who know you well.

# Sign 11


He will get nervous, whenever you will look at him. They will give a smile and say hello (this usually happens with shy guys).

# Sign 12

man consoling a woman

If you have any problem, he will do anything, to make the things at their place. He will do anything to sort out all your problems.

If you have such boys around you, you are instructed to keep your eyes and ears widely opened, so that you get your loving guy.