12 Must Have Pieces You Dare Not Skip In Your Winter Wardrobe!

With November coming to an end the winters are already all over the place. So let’s get geared for your winter wardrobe… a list of must haves (some of which you can borrow from your regular summer wardrobe) and you are ready to keep the heat up in the winters as well!

So, let’s get started

Long Neutral Cardigan

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A long cardigan in neutral color (grey, brown, beige and whites) is a must have… you need a lot of layering to keep the cooling breeze at bay and there are several stylish pieces available at clothing stores. Try experimenting your old cardigans by tying thin skinny belts on them.

A Feminine top and belted T-shirts

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Feminine tops from your summer wardrobe, which you can mix and match to wear under the layers. The belted T-shirts look hot with a plain blazer. You can wear your casual T-shirts with a belt instead of buying belted T-shirts altogether.


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The more you have, the more you want them! It goes well in every season but the deal is extremely hot in winters. Throw a blazer on a trendy tee or a high neck blouse; pair it with a scarf or a statement making neck piece. The options are endless with blazers.

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Palazzo Pants, Maxi Skirts and Skinny Pants

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The good thing with palazzos and the maxi skirts are you can wear a warm skinny legging inside it to keep you warm and at the same time you look gorgeous and chic. Skinny pants and crop pants look cute with sweaters or blazers.

Sweater Coats

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On a really cold day you feel blessed to have that sweater coat which doesn’t let you give up on the style quotient. Make sure you have one classic piece. There are oversized coats too that look like borrowed from your man’s closet but wraps around the body nicely and have a raw sex appeal to it.

Pea Coats

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Pea coats are probably the cutest winter trend. There is a large variety of designs and colors to choose from. The pink one shown here, though, takes my breath away!

Trench. Beanie. Boots

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The name says it all. Pair the three and you are the classiest girl around!


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From the over sized scarves to the printed cotton, silk, chiffon and of course the infinity scarves… all are sticking around for the season. This is my favorite trend of the season.

Learn how to make the scarves interesting by learning.

Ankle Boots and Knee High Riding Boots

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Pair them with black tights, a trench or pea coat and carry a smart bag and wear your black shades… ooh! Don’t you look like some celeb now?

Oversized Envelope Bag

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Okay, this is evergreen and superhot! Make sure you have one.

Leopard Print and Glitter Flats

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Make sure to get a pair of both of these. Not having any of the two is a CRIME!

Thin belt

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Make sure you have a thin belt in your wardrobe for it is the magic wand which can convert a plain over sized grandmother sweater to a chic one like this.