12 Laughter Yoga Exercises: Fitness with Fun

Laughing without humour, jokes, or comedy.  Am I making sense?? Hopefully yes! Laughter yoga is profound and simple. It is non-religious, non- political and non- competitive. Nobody is there to judge you. Laughter is a universal language that facilitates removal of barriers, like age, language, race and sex. Further, laughter is a powerful weapon to remove stress and battle against any disease. It’s unlike other yoga sessions where you are carefree and worried about little things like… “Am I doing the right position”? “Am I stiff”? “Are my busts looking awkward”?  There is no room for DISTURBANCE.

The man behind this wonderful technique is Dr. Mandan Kataria, a physicist from Mumbai. He introduced a laughter club on March 13, 1995 with a small group of people. Today, the entire world seems to be glued to this fantastic exercise. Laughter yoga is a blend of Prayanama with Unconditional Laughter.

12 Types of Laughter Yoga Exercises

1. Air Kiss Laughter: kiss in the air 4 to 5 times and laugh as much you can (to the most).


2. Army Salute Laughter: lift your right hand slightly above your right eye. Keep your thumb and fingers firm on your forehead. Laugh when you salute.


3. Japanese Bow Laughter: as you bend forward to greet others, laugh with your heart out.


4. Handshake Laughter: burst out laughing as you shake hands with people. Take your hands off only when you shake your hands with someone else.


5. Electric Shock Laughter: think that everything you tap gives an electric shock. Shout with a long “aaaaaaae” sound. After you shout, jump one step back and look for a new target.


6. Name Introduction Laughter: make a circle. Each time you say your name laugh and pass the laughter to the next one.


7. The Hoopla Laughter: pair up with your partner; make an extended circle as if you are playing with hoopla. As you move, make an “aaaaaeeee” sound.


8. Hiccup Laughter:  put in a hiccup as you laugh and repeat it for several times.


9. Just Laughter: laugh as you shrug your shoulders without uttering a single word.


10. Namaste Laughter: place your hands in front of you and laugh out loudly as you bow down.


11. Bye Laughter: raise your hands up in the air and laugh as if you are bidding good bye to your pal.


12. The Shaky Laughter: as you shake hands with your partner with shaky hands, laugh with your mouth wide open.


So, laugh with your heart out next time….Because it is tax free.