12 Interesting and Surprising Facts about Fashion

Fashion has been influencing lives of people all around the world in some way or the other. The fashion trend keeps changing according to the seasons and wants of the society at the times. It is taken as a mood lifter for most of the woman. We all love fashion, but are we aware about some interesting and surprising facts about fashion that prevailed in the history? Are we aware..Well I know the answer from most of us will be no, so here I am gonna tell you some real interesting facts about fashion…

1) Jeans lovers: Did you know that round about 200 jeans can be made out of using only one bale of cotton? I know it is surprising, but isn’t it good for all those people who love to wear jeans all the time.

2) Short hair cuts: Do you love having short hair? Having short hair is a fashion trend nowadays, but this wasn’t the case always. Did you know that in the 1800 and in the early 1900, the woman who had short hair were considered as unfaithful. Short hair of a woman used to be the symbol of infidelity.

3) Vintage clothes: Not only cars are vintage, even clothes could be vintage… Yes, you heard it right…. The clothes that came before 1960 are known as vintage clothes and the clothes after 1960 are called retro.

4) Size of shoes: It is an amazing fact, that about 80% of women around the world buy smaller size of shoes. Well, God knows the actual reason behind this fact, but we don’t. You know it’s impossible to understand woman…

5) Baggy pants style: Are you in love with hip-hop fashion, if yes, then you are for sure, in love with baggy style pants too. Are you aware about the origin of these baggy style pants? Well, these pants originated from Los Angeles, did I mention from the prison of LA? The prisoners were not allowed to wear belts, so they used to wear baggy pants.

6) Oldest garment: Do you know which is the second oldest garment in history for women? It’s the skirt.

7) Perfume fact: We are not the only ones who use perfumes; they were used from the Egyptian Era. Yes, they used perfumes not to smell good, but they were used in religious rituals.

The designer perfumes that are used nowadays are available in five categories: they are earthy, musk, floral, crisp and fruity.

8) Brows, eyebrows: Nowadays, we go to the parlours to set eyebrows, and the bushy eyebrows are in trend. Did you know that the fashionistas during the Renaissance period used to shave their eyebrows? Need an example huh??? See the picture of Mona Lisa…

9) False eyelashes: It’s a trend to use false eyelashes in today’s world. Did you know that the first false eyelashes were created for producer D.W. Griffith in 1916, in his film where he wanted to enhance the beauty of the actress? Those eyelashes were made from human hair.

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10) No sexy models: Did you know that up to the 19th century, the designers used little dolls to showcase their collection of clothes to the customers? There used to be no real models until that time.

11) Fashion dictator: Even Napoleon Bonaparte would’nt have  known that he was a fashionista.  Yes, did you know that Bonaparte introduced the buttons you see on the sleeves of the jackets?

12) Preggy-preggy baby: Did you notice that being pregnant is a popular trend in Hollywood now? However, it is not exactly a new trend. Even in the 15th century, heavy with a child was very popular, that even those girls who were not pregnant, used to put a small pillow under their clothes to create the illusion of the baby-bump.