12 Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Spacious


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Don’t have a lot of kitchen space? Don’t worry! You can still make a big impact. Utilize every inch of your kitchen cabinet, floor, and counter shrewdly. Here are some ideas to utilize the available spaces efficiently and effectively.

1. Light Color


Choose lighter wall colors (white, pale yellow or cream) for your small kitchen. This way, the kitchen looks open and spacious. If the floor color is in tone with wall color, it will make your kitchen look roomy.

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2. Cabinet-depth Refrigerator and Built-in Microwave


Instead of placing microwave on the kitchen counter, get a built-in microwave. Buy a fridge that gets fitted in your kitchen cabinet. These tricks will help you in saving counter and floor space.

3. Stainless Steel Appliances


Stainless steel works as a mirror for your small kitchen. So, use stainless steel appliances (like, microwave, refrigerator, stoves, dishwashers, etc.).

4. Mirrored Backsplash


A mirrored backsplash reflects color and light, thereby giving spacious and roomy appearance to your kitchen.

5. Pot Rack


Hang a pot rack on the ceiling or wall. You can hook the utensils from the pot rack. This will help you in solving space problem.

6. Choose Kitchen Cabinet Wisely


Analyze your kitchen space before selecting cabinet. Blind corner cabinets with sliding shelves are best option for small kitchens. Cabinet touching the ceiling gives more room to the kitchen.

7. Chairs without Arms


Use chairs without arms for breakfast nook. These chairs can easily get in or out and require less space.

8. Baskets and Trays


Use trays or baskets to keep countertop clutter in an organized manner.

9. Store Dishes in a Hutch


Store your silverwares and dishes in a hutch. This will open loads of space in your kitchen.

10. Allow Light


Natural light enlarges the space. If there is no window in your kitchen, use pendant lights or undercabinet lights to intensify the lighting effect.

11. Complement Seating to Wall Color


Let your seating color match with wall color. You will definitely notice a difference in the kitchen space.

12. Spice-Rack Cabinet

Spice-Rack Cabinet

A slim spice-rack cabinet solves the problem of storage. You can keep the unused spices in it.

Apply these ideas in your kitchen and relieve the tension of storage.