12 Home Remedies for Getting Thick Eyebrows

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These days, thick eyebrows are in trend. Several models and actresses have embraced this trend with style. Fuller eyebrows accentuate the attractiveness of the face. You can shape the thick brows in desired manner. But, each of us is not blessed with fuller eyebrows. If you also crave for thick brows, this article will assist you a lot!



Here are some home remedies for getting thick eyebrows.

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1. Egg


Take an egg yolk. Beat it. Apply with a cotton swab, on your eyebrows. Hold for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. It will improve the hair follicle.

2. Onion


Extract the juice of an onion. Rub on your eyebrows.  It will increase the circulation of blood and stimulate the growth of new hairs.

3. Essential Oils


Combine 1 tsp. each of olive oil, lemon essential oil, sandalwood oil, pine oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil, and lavender oil. Mix them well. Massage it on your eyebrows, before sleeping. You can also apply this oil mixture on your hair.

4. Vaseline


Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on your eyebrows, twice or thrice a day. Use it continually for one month. You will surely notice the positive results.

5. Lemon


Take a slice of lemon. Rub on the brows. It will boost the growth of hairs, making your eyebrows thick.

6. Almond Oil


Use almond oil to massage your brows. It’s very effective remedy for making your eyebrows thick.

7. Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds


Prepare a paste by grinding fenugreek seeds. Apply on your eyebrows, either before going to sleep at night or before taking a bath in the morning.

8. Milk


Dip a sponge or cotton ball in milk. Put it on your brows and rub gently. Do it twice a day. You can also use coconut milk.

9. Coconut Oil


Directly apply the coconut oil on your eyebrows. Leave it overnight. It will enhance the growth of hairs of your brows, making them darker and thick.

10. Aloe Vera Gel


Rub aloe vera gel on your eyebrows. It will not only thicken the brows, but also make the brow’s skin shiny and soft.

11. Olive Oil


Massage olive oil on your eyebrows, in direction of growth of the hairs. Repeat it daily. This remedy will increase the growth of brow’s hair.

12. Castor Oil


Castor oil provides nourishment to the roots of the eyebrow’s hair. Massage your brows with castor oil, two times a day.