12 Home Remedies for Curing Cavities

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The most common reason of jaw pain and toothache is a dental cavity. Agonizing pain is experienced, when food particles get entangled in the cavity. Bacteria, food debris, and acid form a plaque that adheres to the teeth. This plaque dissolves the enamel, creating cavities. You can lessen the chances of developing cavities, just by bringing slight changes in your lifestyle. Home remedies may help you a lot in reducing the pain associated with cavities.

Here are some home remedies for curing cavities.

1. Ice Therapy


Place some ice-cubes in a bag. Wrap it. Put it on your jaw, close to an aching tooth. Hold warm, salty water or cold water in your mouth, for 5-7 seconds if you can. It will help in reducing the pain occurring due to cavities.

2. Onion and Garlic


Onion and garlic have antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that prevent cavities. Put crushed garlic or a slice of onion on the sore tooth. You can also mix garlic paste with rock salt. Apply it on the cavity. It will help you to relieve the pain. To keep teeth healthy and strong, regularly use garlic in your diet.

3. Wheat Grass Juice


Wheat grass juice checks the growth of bacteria, thereby preventing cavities. Therefore, drink one glass of wheat grass juice on the daily basis.

4. Lemon


Chew a slice of lime (without removing the skin). It will reduce the cavity pain. Alternatively, make a paste of lemon juice and asafoetida (heeng) powder. Slightly heat the mixture. Soak a cotton swab in this mixture and put it in the tooth cavity. You will get instant relief.

5. Camphor or Clove Oil


Apply camphor or clove oil with a cotton ball. It will provide respite from the cavity ache. Alternatively, add 3-4 drops of clove oil in a pinch of pepper powder. Place it on the cavity. It will decrease the pain. Another option is to press the clove with the infected tooth. It also works great.

6. Salted Water


Take a glass of warm water and add a Tbsp. of salt to it. Stir properly. Gargle with this salted water. It is an effective home remedy that helps in getting rid of cavity pain.

7. Warm Water


While brushing, use warm water. Rinse your mouth thoroughly, each time after having meals. It helps in avoiding cavity pain to a great extent.

8. Turmeric Powder


Turmeric contains fluoride, which is an essential component for tooth health. Apply turmeric directly to the cavity. It will relieve the pain.

9. Peppermint


Take one cup of water. Put a pinch of salt and 5 grams of peppermint in it. Boil the water. Let it cool and drink. This home remedy will soothe the pain. 

10. Mustard Oil


Mix 2 tsps. each of mustard oil and rock salt. Apply this mixture on the cavity. After five minutes, gargle with water.

11. Gingers


Chew gingers to get rid of tooth pain occurring due to cavities.

12. Oregano Oil


Apply oregano oil on the cavities. It will provide you quick relieve.

Some Additional Tips to Relieve Cavities

  • Fruit juices and soda lead to cavities and damage to teeth. Therefore, drink these sugar-laden and acidic beverages, with the help of a straw.
  • Rinse your mouth after having the snacks or meals.
  • Clean your teeth with the help of margosa sticks. These sticks are anti-bacterial and prevent infections.

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