11 Steps to Beat Bullying: Say ‘No’ and Knock Off The Bullies at Workplace!

It is easier for mean colleagues to consider their workplace as a battleground, which are just career oriented. In order to achieve all what they yearn, they’re ready to go to any extent. Being professional doesn’t exemplify being inhumane. Rising competition and the urge to get promoted have almost mislaid the feeling of modesty, generosity, discipline, and honesty. Though today’s highly qualified working professionals follow the same. To do the hard work consistently goes for applause; however, that doesn’t give licence for poking nose in others “dos and don’t”! To blame someone for mistakes, just for the sake of getting appreciation, is disgraceful and disgusting! No matters, how much we criticize, but the crucial fact proclaims that this has become a widespread scenario of maximum offices.


1.   The symptoms can be many; it’s essential to identify it quickly. The first task is to identify the indications. It can be a comment on your face, or any complain behind your back; do keep your eyes and ears opened.

2.   Do not get poignant, if you find someone extremely infuriating. Don’t show your weaker surface to anyone.

3.   Females often have the tendency to start blaming themselves, in case of any misdeed. Throw this habit out of you, this will only demoralise you.

4.   Give your best shot. Emerge out as one of the best performer of the team. The challenge is hard, but what the females are known for? Accept it, fight against it and win over it!  For aiming this, you can avoid late comings.

5.   Play wittily with all your team members. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to use your brains all the time. Being social, interactive, witty, and cheerful are some add-ons to make your personality more alluring. Thus, you’ll be able to attract more people towards you; you’ll have more good friends. Remember, an introvert or unspoken person are often mistaken as a big bore, and good for nothing.

6.   If there’s something manipulative, you can sit, talk, or ask directly to the person to stop it. If you find the person perilous with his/her deeds, then rise this issue and go to the management.

7.   Don’t take all these comments or taunts lightly, immediately make an official complaint to the seniors.

8.   Keep a record of every time, you’ve been bullied- in documents about the meeting while conversations, or at any place. Note the time, date, and a concise narrative of every incident, whether it is big or small.

9.   Try to convince people, who’ve witnessed such incidents, or have been bullied by the same person. This will give credibility to your complain.

10.   Speak your heart out with the management. Make it apparent that you admire your job, and are absolutely not ready to tolerate such nonsense.

11.   If you still find that the management is not ready to consider your issues, and still the bullying happens to you, seek advice from the Employment Law advocate.