11 Smart Tips to Use Small Things

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Have you ever thought the things you throw might be extremely useful? Sometimes, we do not realize the importance of small things lying in our house. Let’s read to know the importance of small things, which we find useless to keep.

1. To open any sealed plastic packaging, you can use a can opener


I am sure this tip will save a lot of money and time.

2. Use the toilet paper to blot all the oil from your face


It may sound unusual to many, but it’s the easiest way to get rid of the oil if you don’t have any other source.

3. Take a bowl and place your phone to amplify the volume


When your phone is getting old, this technique will work to make it live longer.

4. To fix the DVD, you can use Banana


Well, rather eating Banana all the time…..Think of something constructive.

5. To absorb any unpleasant odour, you can use a newspaper


Newspapers not only impart knowledge, but also we can use it in many ways.

6. Want to make a perfect hair bun, why don’t use a sock?


To enhance the beauty, use this cheap sock.

7. To train your pets well, use Vicks VapoRub


If you want your pets not to chew your stuff, then put Vapo Rub on it, and stay tension free.

8. If your wooden furniture is full of stained, then make it eat mayonnaise


We use mayonnaise to add flavour; also we can use it to clean the furniture.

9. To dissolve the Ink Stain, you can use Hand Sanitizer


It’s a good way to clean all the mess.

10. Use Nail paint to reduce the insect bite


It will help in stopping the itching by blocking the oxygen, which will get into the skin.

11. Use shower cap to pack the shoes


If you are planning for a sudden road trip or any vacation and left with nothing useful to pack your shoes, then you can use the shower cap to keep your clothes away from shoes soles.