10 Ways to Say I Love You Without Words

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Sometimes saying three words of love “I Love You” is complicated, isn’t it? At times, it comes with baggage -when to say this or should I wait for him to come up with it first, and many such countless questions ramble around. Top of all, what you exactly mean- easy declaration of appreciation or a sincere assertion of commitment for him?

1.   Note Among Flowers


If you feel awkward in confessing your love and emotions verbally, then gifting a flurry bouquet to him is enough to spell the magic. Else, choose to give him a lovely ‘rose’, every day for a particular month. This will keep him speculating about your intentions. When the month ends, give him a loving note instead of the expected flower, and watch the smile that your affectionate note brings on his face.

2.   Cook For Him


You must exploit your culinary skills if you’re planning to admit your warm feelings to your beloved. Enchanting him with the odour of home cooking is the best way to reach your beloved’s heart. Relish gourmet delights with him, in a candle lit evening. Add romance to the meal with a frosted cake in the dessert, having love confession written in icing. This will knock him off his feet, for sure, and will also become a part of his lifetime memory.


3.   Write Love Letters


Writing love letters is an old age method, but nothing can beat it when it is about confessing warm feelings to your honey. A scented love letter is the ultimate tool to express your love. The letter adorned by affectionate words is undoubtedly great way to make him feel the warmth of love.

4.   Treasure Hunt


It is an effortless yet creative way to say that you love him, without voicing the three letters of love. Leave hints for him in the home, with each hint leading to the other. This way, let the final hint pointing to a piece of paper in your purse or pocket. This will surprise him pleasantly.

5.   Say It with Accessories


Another way to express your love is gifting him a customised jewellery with ‘love’ engraved in it. You may gift him bracelets, rings, and pendants.  It is a marvellous way to let him know your love and emotions to him.

6.   Where You First Met


The first meeting place is incredibly significant in its own way, to every couple. Nothing could be more romantic and sincere expression of love than being at the same place and holding his hand.

7.   Write It in the Sand


What about the idea of ‘framing’ the romantic moments spent with him? Go on a date with him to the sea-side, and surprise him by writing a love message in the sand. Take a photograph of two of you, with the love message written in the sand, and get it framed. This will give the two of you beautiful moments to cherish for years to come.

8.   Be a Day-Tripper in Your Own Town


Plan and explore your own city. It’s a great way to spend the day in an amusing manner. It could be visiting zoo or an amusement park. This will burn your calories as well.

9.   Compile Photos


Collect photos of the two of you and make a CD-Rom or a photo album showcasing your love memories. Otherwise, craft a ‘photo collage’ and frame it, and give it to him as a gift. This will show to him that the memories you have shared with him, means a lot to you

10.   Express It with a Song


If you are a bit good singer, and can profess your warm feelings during a public show, do it. It is an excellent way to belt out your emotions in public. Compose a romantic song or make a medley of his favourite love songs, and sing it with all affection in a public setting.