10 Utterly Stupid Products Ever Made!

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World is a crazy place, full of weird people. You would believe me after seeing these 10 bizarre inventions, made by dim-witted people. We don’t know what they had in mind, while inventing these ridiculous products.

Take a look –

1. Motorized Ice Cream Cone


Ever felt like eating the ice cream from the waffle cone is too much of hassle? So, there’s this motorized plastic cone with which you can eat your ice cream evenly! It rotates, so that you can lick properly. I’d never ever replace the yummy waffle cone with a stupid plastic one! What about you?

2. The Wine Rack


Here’s a bra which you can fill up with wine and at the same time it accentuates your boobs. The pack says it’s awesome for movies concerts, etc. Well, just one thing: be careful of anything sharp, otherwise your little secret will spill along with the wine!

3. Boyfriend Arm Pillow


How depressed can one be to wish for something as ridiculous as this! The Japanese have a very creative imagination, I must say! Well, I also came across these girlfriend pillows, which can definitely be of some use for the single guys!

4. Hello Kitty Assault Rifle


Who would ever guess that this pink hello kitty rifle isn’t a toy? In fact, there’s a whole range of hello kitty weapons that include handgun, pocket knife, chainsaw and AK-47. Well, it’s not. This is an actual rifle that fires. Isn’t it kinda sad that such a cute character is being used for violence?

5. Scary Baby-face Chocolates


Aren’t these body-less heads completely intimidating? Well, these are actually creamy milk chocolates. No matter how die hard a chocolate lover I am, I would never dare to bite into any of these creepy heads.

6. Full Body Knit Suit


Don’t ask how this person got into this suit. Don’t ask how he is gonna come out of it. And don’t even ask what he is going to do, if he has to pee! I think we can fight cold with two piece clothing very well!

7. French Fry Holder


Seriously? This French fry holder fits perfectly onto the cup holders of your car.  So, if your car is your favorite place to eat French fries, go on and buy this one.

8. Bread Gloves


Now, you can make a sandwich out of anything. Just hold it between your dough gloved hands. It comes in many flavors. The insanity doesn’t stop here. There are bread shoes and bread condoms also! Gross!

9. Poop Shapers


Well the name says it all! You don’t want to introduce your kids to such bathroom amusements! Do you?

10.  Faith Enhancing Mouth Spray


Yeah! This is a faith enhancing mouth spray. How could a mouth spray ever be connected with faith in god? Who even thought of this idea? Why would anyone ever buy it? Okay! I guess, it’s not even worth pondering over!