10 Unusual and Unbelievable Facts from Around the World

Here are some strange, odd, and bizarre facts to surprise you. They might end with giving you the Goosebumps. Are you ready?

1. Do you know which vegetable is the oldest? It is the pea. It’s healthy too. Go and eat the oldest vegetable, known till date!


2. Iguana dragon is the only animal, who commits suicide. Hahaha… Who says, only we- being humans, can kill ourselves?


3. Ants are active workers. Instead of the fact, they do not sleep at all. Yes, that’s true; ants don’t take naps.


4. Birth control pills only work on humans… Naah, they work on our intelligent ancestor’s, gorillas too.


5. Refrigerators are not restricted to hot areas only. People in Antarctica, also use refrigerators. Yes, they do. Eskimos use fridge to keep the food away from freezing.


6. Guess what will happen, when there will be more than one president in a country? For a day, Mexico had three presidents.


7. Be aware of vegetarians, especially Females! Your lipsticks contain fish scales.


8. Everybody loves music. In fact, the animals also love it. Try it. Put headphones on cow’s head and see, if she gives more milk. It’s weird to know that cows give extra milk, when they listen to music.


9. Most of the babies do not take birth on the due date. Only 4% take birth on time. See! Even the God is not punctual.

Winter Baby

10. 6-12 hours of sex… Unbelievable! Snakes can do it. May God bless humans!


The world is full of stupidities and weirdness, isn’t it?