10 Unexpected Habits that will Get You Fired, Beware!

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You perform good work at your office, so you can’t be fired; If you hold such perceptions, you are supposed to improve it soon. If unknowingly, you exhibit some unprofessional behaviors, it might lead to your exit.

Here are some annoying conducts that you should avoid at workplace.

1. Undermining the Authority of Your Boss


Whether your boss is rude or soft-spoken, you must always consider her/him as a boss. Grumbling about your boss in the office might lead to your termination. Office is a free place. You never know whether someone is pinning the ears back to you and forwarding the complaint to your boss.

2. Using Internet for Your Personal Work


Do you use to shop for your holidays via online, in the office? Are you addicted to chatting with your friends via Gmail or social networking sites, during working hours? If yes, you might get fired from your job! Remember, your boss has the full authority to monitor, what you did on your computer. A smart employee should avoid doing such things.

3. Don’t Respond to Emails on Time


If your Inbox is regularly bombarded with loads of emails each day, then, you might not get enough time to respond them in detail. It seems obvious, but never forget, you are supposed to reply the very important mails, sent by your colleagues and superiors. Sometimes, your colleagues wait for your approval before initiating any task. No response from your side may keep them hanging, which is not good for your job.

4. Taking Feedback Shoddily


When your boss appreciates you or gives credit for your work, you accept it happily, but have you ever noticed, how do you react when he/she criticizes your work? If you get angry, defensive or upset, take it as an alarm. Taking feedback (criticism) poorly, may endanger your job. Your boss may avoid giving you valuable advises in the future and may go for an optimistic person, to fill up your position.

5. Making Long Personal Calls


Chatting with your friends; checking whether your kids have completed their homework or not, or gossiping with your husband on the phone for long hours in the office, may put your job at risk. Pick the private calls, only when it is extremely urgent.

6. Behaving Harsh with Co-workers


Frustration at the workplace is a common issue, but, expressing it by banging the doors, speaking rudely or yelling at colleagues may jeopardize your job. Nobody wants to work with such a furious person.

7. Non Flexible Behaviour

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Change is an integral part of every organization. Technologically savvy employees are given the first preference in the job market. If you are not flexible and resist learning new ways of doing the work, then you might finish up at the top of a lay-off list.

8. Fulfilling Only Minimum Expectations


There is an abundance of skilled and qualified job seekers in the job market. Organizations set minimum and maximum expectations for each employee and look forward towards them to contribute something valuable. In case, you are just fulfilling the minimum expectations and unable to meet the maximum, your boss may begin looking for your replacement.

9. Hiding Facts from Your Boss


If you don’t want to lose trust of your boss, never conceal anything from him/her. Hiding facts like your ignorance of using software, incomplete work, a missed deadline or an angry client may put your job at risk.

10. Taking Leaves Without Permission


You are allowed to take specified number of leaves in a year, but it doesn’t mean that you can utilize them in vain. Taking leaves without prior information may cost you your job. Plan your leaves ahead and get them sanctioned from your boss.