10 Types of Men You Meet via Online Dating Sites

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This one’s for those fellow single females, who join the online dating sites with the fantasy of coming across someone special. Someone, who can make them laugh, make them feel special, and can understand them the way, no other person does.

In short, someone who’s just PERFECT, but before you dwell in this thought more, let me remind you that ‘nobody is perfect’ here. But yep, if you’re on for an engaging roller coaster ride, then I can help you with some of the common types. Before you imagine your life in Technicolor to find your tough love, let’s see, who all are there to play with your senses and surprise you by giving butterflies in your stomach?

Have a look!

1.  Hilarious Guys


You meet with these types of guys quite often. They are always in a mood to have some good fun time while internet dating. Their extreme sense of humour fills you up with laughter that aids in relaxing your mood. Whether it’s their PJs, or highly intellectual sarcasm, they can get you sidetracked from your stress for a while.

 2. Going Over The Top Guys


Pretty annoying, such guys just want to prove that they are the one you’re looking for. Their tendency to say ‘yes’, lives every time, flashes some doubtful questions in your mind. They can get over your head, to turn out to be so good, just to make you sure that you truly mean a lot to them. However, I believe too much sugar is injurious for health and mind. Isn’t it?

3. The Smug


He’s cool; he’s super sexy, and the worst part is he knows it all. The way again and again, he revolves the conversation around himself, can annoy you to a great extent.Such persons become the sellers of their charm. They try to sway that whatever you will expect, you will get that from them, which is utter rubbish and nothing else. Though if someone’s is just telling things about himself to you, then it’s okay. These big-headed guys are hard to handle. And, I am sure no girl would like to be with somebody who can’t see any other thing around, except himself. Would you?

4. The Nerd and Shy


Being unfortunate with unconventional looks, these guys always live in the dilemma of how to express what they always wanted. It’s his boredom that restrains his confidence to be expressive and impress girls around him. Besides, everyone else also finds him boring. That’s the reason, why such guys are up for online dating. Because they think, here they can find someone who without being judgmental about their looks, would understand and accept them the way, they wanted to be.

5. The Big Daddy Types


Being twice or thrice elderly than your age, such man feels relaxed when they hunt for younger females. It’s their best way to feel younger. They give a false impression by mentioning their wrong age on the site, which is 20-30 Yrs lesser than their current age. To get rid of these smart asses is quite trickier, as they know it really well, how to lure and convince you with their logics. So you better beware!

6. Mr. Thankful


This sort of guy truly sucks a lot. He always thanks you for every damn thing you do or say, even for no reason at times. You steadily start catching that he might be a big fake, loser or an annoying person. You do not find his complements meaningful any longer and start losing your interest from such a guy soon

7. The Sexually Aroused On


You may find such males in ample numbers, on the dating sites. Clearly, to get some-one to have sex with is their main target. That is it! So while, chatting on internet, watch his words carefully, and try to chuck him out from your date list ASAP.

8. The Romantic Hero


This sweet talker holds the charm to allure you in no time. Very soon he can make you blush with his sugary texts and poems, which delight you to be the most beautiful girl for him. However, in reality, he might have talked with many other girls in the same way.

9.The Workhorse Type


Yes, these workaholics hardly ever head off from their computer screens. They rarely say no to hard work, overtime, travelling, and lead a tedious life. They always prefer their work commitments over their relationships with females. They always look for someone who can distract him from his blood sucking job and absolute anxieties. They are a terrific pleaser with their romance and can enchant you with their submissive personality.  So, if you too are going through from such thoroughness, you may be the one for him. However, there are also probabilities that you might end- up meeting with someone bait or pervert. Be careful while interaction!

10. The Life Partner Kind


There’d be no miracle if you find a soul mate at last. Of course, someone like you too and maybe searching for a soul mate, and finally has found that in you. But yes, chances are rare. Remember, whether it’s online or offline, the relationship is complicated. So be prepared for that!

So, now you know who to welcome, and to whom not.

Happy Online Dating!