10 Top Lies Women Tell Men

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Women… So mysterious! So deep! So enigmatic! Women possess more layers as compared to an onion. Like a man will never tell about his visits to a strip club… So is a woman. Sorry! I don’t mean to confuse you (all the gentle men). Sometimes women do lie…We did not emerge out from sweet-smelling roses. I would name it a sweet lie rather than calling it a white lie. Sometimes, these sweet lies are told to keep the peace. Therefore, I present a clean sheet of sweet lies, which women speak to men.

1. I Haven’t Slept With Any Guy

Ah, maybe she cannot recall, maybe she is a bit hesitant or may be her number is higher than her man… Whatever the reason may be… A woman is always self conscious to disclose about her sexual partners.

2. Sure, You Can Buzz Me Anytime

We are not the heart-breakers always. When a guy asks us for our number on a first date, its harsh to say a clear NO! We love to be nice to them, but at the end we never respond to their calls. Isn’t that cruel?

3.  Wait! Getting Ready In A Minute

Your bf is waiting outside your house, and you have to shower, iron your hair, apply tons of make-up, select a sexy outfit and even then you tell him “just a minute honey”. How mean!

4. Well, I Have No Idea About It

No idea! (Err!) When women say, “I have no idea”…. She certainly knows what it is all about. We do know about the conspiracy… It is just we are not ready to let you know about this.

5. I Weigh…

Weight and women share an enigmatic relationship. It’s not all the women who lie about their weight, but there are some who hides it. May be, they are not sure of their number or some are embarrassed. Whatever the reason….She is never gonna tell you the exact number.

6. That Was Great

80% of women fake their orgasms as they don’t want to hurt their partners. Sometimes, it is not about being fake… It is a little difficult for women to be frank about sex (especially the Indian women). Thus, rely on her body language rather than her words.

7. I Will Never Cheat On You

Do you recall that show on MTV “Splits villa”? The main cause of horrifying fights was a girl cheating over her guy. It’s not easy to stay faithful until and unless you are seriously involved in your relationship.

8. This Isn’t From  A Sale

“I paid 5000 bucks for this piece of stiletto”. A master mind indeed! When a woman say, “it isn’t from sale”… This is a red signal guys!! Which gal wants to disclose the actual cost of her closet? Right?

9. I Am Fine

This is the most common lie a woman speaks “I am fine… I don’t need your shoulders to cry upon”. Women have high ego problems; they shed tears all alone at the cost of depression.

10. You Look Stunning

Maybe the new hairstyle looks like a clown on your man… But since you don’t want to hurt him… You tell him “you look fab”. Sometimes, we have to be sweet. Right?

Now, you understand the reason why I call it a “sweet lie”. Don’t worry ladies!! I have gotten a list of lies (white lies) men tell…. coming up… today.