10 Tips to Titivate Your Kitchenette

“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” –         Louis Parrish


There is a part in your home that is completely your domain. Guess what is that? Yes, it’s kitchen. Do you know how many years a woman spends in the kitchen? Don’t know? She spends around 18 years! A study has revealed this fact. Just do simple alterations and get your kitchen to the contemporary epoch. Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen-

1.  Stylish Handles

kitchen-renovation-ides-1-a   kitchen-renovation-ides-1-c   kitchen-renovation-ides-1-b Swap traditional and ho-hum handles with modern and chic handles and doorknobs.

2.  Cool Cabinets

kitchen-renovation-ideas-2-a   kitchen-renovation-ideas-2-b Change the look of your kitchen cabinets. If the cabinets are in a good situation and you are not interested in changing them, simply paint them or decorate their front panels with the wallpapers.

3.  Organized Cupboard

kitchen-renovation-ideas-3-b   kitchen-renovation-ideas-3-a   kitchen-renovation-ideas-3-c Organized kitchen cupboards appear more gorgeous than congested and grimy cabinets, especially if they have glass fronts.

4.  Pot Rack

kitchen-renovation-ideas-4-a   kitchen-renovation-ideas-4-b   kitchen-renovation-ideas-4-c Dangle a beautiful pot rack on the wall or ceiling. Along with giving the classy looks your kitchen, it will also help in solving the storage dilemma.

5.  Floorings

kitchen-renovation-ideas-5-a   kitchen-renovation-ideas-5-b Whenever we suppose to titivate our kitchen, we get so held up with counter tops and cupboards that we forget to think about the floor. Kitchen floors, possibly, undergo the most deterioration of any spot in the home, so they ought to have the careful consideration. Now-a-days, vinyl tiles and wooden floors are in trend, easy to install and clean, and also provide high end to your kitchen.

6.  Stunning Backsplash

kitchen-renovation-ideas-6-a   kitchen-renovation-ideas-6-c   kitchen-renovation-ideas-6-b Get bored with the style of the kitchen? Change the backsplash! Backsplash is a focal point of your kitchen. So, while choosing its design, keep in mind that it blends with the kitchen’s theme.

7.  Lighting Shine in Your Kitchen

kitchen-renovation-ideas-7-a   kitchen-renovation-ideas-7-b   kitchen-renovation-ideas-7-c Substitute that old light fixture with a chandelier! You can also brighten your space by adding under cabinet task lighting or pendant lights.

8.  Decor with Greenery

kitchen-renovation-ideas-8-a   kitchen-renovation-ideas-8-b   kitchen-renovation-ideas-8-c Greenery in the kitchen helps you feel fresh and lively. Plant a few herbs on the windowsill of the kitchen. You can also keep some awesome pots around the sink.

9.  Breakfast Nook

kitchen-renovation-ideas-9-a   kitchen-renovation-ideas-9-b   kitchen-renovation-ideas-9-c Breakfast is an important meal of the day. A breakfast nook within a bay window or in the corner of a kitchen gives an exclusive look to your kitchen.

10.  Countertops

kitchen-renovation-ideas-10-a kitchen-renovation-ideas-10-c Soapstone countertops, granite counters, and laminated counters are in trend. If you have limited budget, you can apply stoneffects stone coating on the countertop. Hope these tips will help you a lot!