10 Tips to Make Co-sleeping With Your Baby Safer

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Adjustments in your lifestyle definitely happen when you become a parent. Some adjustments are inevitable and one such adjustment is of sharing your bed with your new born. In our Indian culture, it is considered more important because it is believed it strengthens the bond between parents and baby, and the baby feels more secure and safe when he sleeps with his parents. Whatever is the reason, but there are times when mother is required to share bed with her new-born- not to mention, especially at the time of breastfeeding. Getting the bed shared is win-win for both baby and mother, because she can respond faster to baby needs and help the baby in getting good-sound sleep.


So, it is important that you share your bed with your baby, and take all measures to make the co-sleeping with the little one safer and comfortable-

1.  Don’t leave the baby slept alone in bed with the face covered with coverlets. Ensure that baby doesn’t get trapped in coverlet.

2.  Do not over-dress your baby. His/her body heat is enough to warm his/her body. Room shouldn’t be too hot and stuffy.

3.  If any gap exists between the wall and bed, eliminate it, as your baby may get trapped in it.

4.  Discuss you idea of sharing bed with your partner. If he is not fervent and enthusiastic about bed-sharing thing, convince him, else it will lead to problems between the both of you. Also, decide the period for which you’re going to make the baby sleep with you, and stick to it.

5.  Make the baby sleep on his back and away from pillow.

6.  Put the baby sleep on the side of bed, instead between you and your partner.

7.  If the baby rolls or revolves in sleep, put him/her sleep on a large sized bed. Install guard-rails if the bed is small so that baby does not fall out from the bed.

8.  If your partner smokes, do not share the bed with your baby. It is hazardous for baby’s health. Also, avoid taking alcohol when your baby sleeps next to you, you will be less alert after consuming alcohol and might not wake up when baby cries or needs you.

9.  Never co-sleep on a couch or recliner with your baby because he/she could easily choke on the wedges.

10.  If your bed is too small to get shared with your baby, then add a side bed or crib in the bed.

Enjoy sleeping and bonding with your baby!