10 Tips before Propelling into the World of Parenting

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

–         Elizabeth Stone

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Are you planning for welcoming a little guest in your world? Wow….it’s great! But, have you done with all the preparations? Here are some tips that you should consider before plunging to parenthood.


1.    Check Your Weight


Measure your weight. Underweight or overweight both are harmful in pre-natal and post-natal conditions. If you are underweight, it will affect ovulation. If you are overweight, it increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. So, before conceiving, check it!

2.    Weigh Up Your Meds


If you use to take medicines for allergy, headache or any other ailment, then, be cautious! Some of these medicines may be harmful for your baby. Told your doctor about the medicines or syrups, you intake. Also, seek suggestion as which pills to replace or avoid.

3.    Stock Your Refrigerator with Nutrients-rich Food


Stock your fridge with fruits, juices and other multivitamins, proteins and calcium rich food. Eat plenty of vegetables and wholegrain. Include soy products, nuts, and beans in your diet.

4.    Consult the Dentist


Oral health is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Gum ailments may result in bacterial infection, premature birth, and preeclampsia. After conceiving, you can’t go for X-ray. So, spare some time, consult your dentist, and fix the dental problem right away.

5.    Renovation


If you want to renovate your dream house, just do it before conceiving. Paints, harsh cleaners, and pesticides contain chemicals that are harmful for both expecting mother and baby.

6.    Talk to the Doctor

girl-talk- to-the-doctor

Go for a pre-natal checkup 3 months before planning for a baby. Ensure that your blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and hemoglobin level are in check. On the basis of your family background, the doctor may recommend you for genetic testing.

7.    Relax


High stress levels may impediment your ability to conceive. Before expecting, relax yourself. Read interesting books, do meditation, spend time with your friends, go for a movie, tune to the music, take sound sleep, or do anything that makes you cool and calm. But, don’t consume alcohol or pills to get rid of stress.

8.    Boost Up Intake of Folic Acid


In order to minimize the danger of “spina bifida” (a birth defect); increase the intake of Vitamin-B. Spinach and green leafy vegetables are the rich source of folic acid.

9.    Wean Yourself off Wine, Caffeine and Cigarettes


Say a big “NO” to cigarette, coffee and wine before expecting. Smoke and wine may cause mental defects or heart diseases to your baby. Study reveals that intake of much caffeine may also lead to miscarriage.

10.     Calculate Your Finances


As you know, inflation is increasing at a rapid rate. Before considering for a baby, be ensure that you are economically sound for bringing up the new little guest. Calculate the cost of pregnancy and delivery. If you boast health insurance, call the company and enquire about the prenatal coverage, they offer.