10 Tested Tricks to Keep the Long Distance Relationship Alive


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Being in a long distance relationship is quite challenging for most of the people. But, according to me, being in this type of relation has its own good points as well. It makes you fall for your partner more and more, and you become lovey-dovey for him/her. Some people think that love dies in a long distance relationship as two people do not meet over a long time. But, it is absolutely wrong as keeping the love alive is totally in the hands of two people in a relationship. It is not necessary to meet the person you love everyday to keep the charm alive, but, it is your love and affection for that person that should be alive forever even if you meet him after a break of one month, two months, or may be six months.

So, here are some really effective and creative ideas that will help people to keep the charm for each other alive whilst being in a long distance relationship.

#1  Doing Something Together


If you guys are not together at the same place, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything together. Of course, you can still do things together, like you can both watch the same television show and discuss about it through chat during ads or you can both indulge into any household activity, like gardening or cooking (whichever suits you). It will give you a sense of being together despite being miles away from each other.

#2  Planning Future Meetings


Both of you can discuss about meeting with each other and decide upon things that you guys would do when you meet each other. This will keep up the charm and excitement to meet each other, and besides that you will not waste time upon meeting as you have had already decided on what you will do.

#3  Be Romantic Always


Romance is something that should never fade away, no matter, how many miles away you are from your beloved. Romance is the key to your bonding, and you should always be romantic with each other. Always start your day by sending a romantic gesture, such as a text message or you can even what’s app each other in your own words telling him/her that how much you love him/her and what is the value of that person in your life.

#4  Conventional Letters or Mails along with Gifts


This is the old age method of expressing love for each other. In old age, people didn’t have options, like mobile phones and internet, and they used to send letters to their loved ones to make them know about his/her affection for the other person. You can send a long love letter with a plethora of emotions loaded into the letter for your beloved and a gift as a small token to show your love for him/her. Exchanging letters and gifts will always make the other person care for your feelings and will make him/her fall in love with you, more and more.

#5  Skype


These days, long distances are no longer ‘long’ ones if you actually realize the fact. Video calling software and apps, like Skype and face time, have made life so much easier that one doesn’t feel like being in a long distance relationship. In fact, it makes you feel as if you are spending quality time together with each other. Have it installed in your cell phone or laptop and keep the bond and charm alive forever.

#6  Send Pictures


Sending pictures is another way of keeping love alive in a long distance relationship. Now-a-days, sending pictures has become so easy with what’s app and BBM that you just click it, and your beau receives it just the next moment. Keep sharing your pictures with each other (funny, romantic, or any other) to stay in love with each other over miles.

#7   Surprises Visits for More Love


Who doesn’t like surprise? But, keep in mind that your surprise should remain a surprise and should not shock a person. I mean to say that talk to your beloved and know about his/her plans and land up to his/her place giving him/her a pleasant surprise. But, do not go if your beau has plans to go to some party or somewhere else with his friends. It is always better to give space to a person and plan it for next week or so.

#8  Talk Everyday


When you are in a long distance relationship, it is really important for you guys to be in touch with each other. Conversation with each other is the only way to show your love and hence, you should talk at least once a day to keep the charm alive and to show your beloved that you actually miss him/her. Many people make lame excuse, like being tired and occupied, but no one is that tired or occupied that he/she can’t call and talk for 10 minutes in a day.

#9  Don’t Pester Your Beau


Being in a long distance relationship is already a challenging and stressful task and do not strain it further by putting up silly questions, like when will he/she going to meet and that he /she no longer loves you. By pestering a person, you do not increase and keep up the charm but increase squabbles, which are pointless. Take things calmly and plan out things together with each other’s consent, rather than forcing your selfish desires and decisions on him/her.

#10  Phone Sex


Phone sex may sound weird to few, but it is actually proven to keep up the charm alive and make you fall and crave for a person more and more. It will make your relationship certainly more interesting. Try it on!!

I am sure that these tips will help you nurture a stronger bond with your beloved. If you have any other suggestions for keeping the long distance relationship alive, write to us.