10 Tested Tricks for Glowing Skin


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No matter how much makeup you apply, at the end of the day you have to face your real skin, and it is totally up to you that how do you prefer to keep it- well nourished and maintained or flaky, dried and sun damaged. It has always been a matter of concern for girls to restore the elasticity and softness of skin for a beautiful complexion and radiance on face. Women try every possible step and tricks to restore the glow and beauty of the skin.


So, here are few tips that are tested and proven to be best for your face to make your face glow all the time.

#1 Eat More of Citrus Fruits


Studies have proven that citrus fruits cleanse your kidneys and livers and help you to have a clean and clear complexion. Hence, it is advisable that you should consume more and more of citrus fruits, like lemons, sweet lemons, oranges, and grapes. You can also add lemon to your drinking water to add some flavor to it.

#2 Tea Tree Oil


If you notice acne forming on your face, immediately apply tea tree oil over it. Tea tree oil will provide a soothing sensation besides correcting the spot quickly and effectively. After a few hours, you will notice that the spot is either faded completely or has squeezed marginally.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is one of the best tea tree oil formulations to treat the problem.

#3 Liquid Foundation


If you have a dark and patchy skin, and want a flawless and radiant complexion, apply some liquid foundation. Liquid foundation creates a dewy effect on your face besides hiding the imperfections and flaky skin. You can also opt for a tinted moisturizer for hydration and sheer coverage.

#4- Massage


Massage is really an important step in skin care regimen. You should not just apply moisturizers and cleansers superficially, but should blend them into the skin. Massage makes your skin look plumper while making it softer at the same time. If you are scrubbing at home, always follow it by massaging with a good massage cream to bring radiance on your face.

#5 Pat It!


While you apply skin care products and makeup, you should always make sure that when to rub them and when to pat them. For example, if you are applying concealer around eyes, never rub it; just pat it around eyes for effective blending.

#6 Story Goes from Thin to Thick


The rule that follows for applying anything goes from thin to thick. It means that you should always apply thinner products first than thicker ones. Thinner products, like serums, should be applied first, followed by thicker ones, like moisturizer or sunscreen, and then, foundation in the end.

#7 Exfoliate Impurities


Exfoliation is a very important step in skin care regimen for a glowing skin. Dead skin is always a hindrance to radiating skin and should be kept at bay always for a suppler and softer looking skin. Exfoliating twice a week is best to remove the dead skin and have youthful, beautiful, and softer skin, year long. Use a nice, yet mild scrub that should not feel harsh on your skin.

#8 Avoid Touching Your Face with Hands


One of the basic things that should be kept in mind is that you should never touch your face with dirty hands. In fact, you should avoid touching your face with your hands unless it is extremely needed. Whenever you apply any face product with your hand, make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean and there is no sign of dirt on them.

#9 Don’t Over Experiment


It is highly advisable that you should not experiment much with your face. It is good to try certain new products in the market, but only if you are totally confident about that product. But, I would say that if something is already working in your favor, stay away from experimenting too much as this may prove to be disastrous at times.

#10 Use Lemons


Lemons are one of the best vegetables that you can include in your daily regime for effective and beneficial results. You can scrub lemon over your face to get rid of sun tan. You can also rub it as a natural astringent as it absorbs excess oil from your face. It even fades away dark spots and acne marks.