10 Tested Home Remedies for Knee Pain


Knee pain is one of the most common problems that occur to people today. It may occur due to several reasons, like old age, sports, obesity, or an injury. Certain joint disorders, like osteoporosis or arthritis, can also cause a pain in the knee-joint. We generally treat knee pain as a regular problem, but sometimes it can turn out be really hurting and irritating. While having knee pain, it is better to avoid various over-the-counter medications that are available in the market, and try out some basic home remedies in order to fight it.


Here, have a look at some natural home remedies to cure knee pain and move freely.

#1 Rest a Lot


Resting really helps. It is the foremost thing you should do. Take a break off from your routine and don’t indulge in any activity, otherwise the pain may increase. The more you rest, the quicker you will recover. Even if there is the knee-pain without any injury, you need to take a lot of rest in order to recover from it quickly. Resting is even more important for a severe injury; it is advisable to take a couple of days off, in case of a major knee injury.

#2 Apply Ice Pack


Wrap some ice cubes in a thin towel or lay a bag of freezing peas over your knee so that it covers properly, and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Ice works really great in giving relief from pain, swelling and inflammation. Be careful that you don’t put the ice pack on your knee for longer than 20 minutes, as it may harm the nerves and skin in the affected area.

#3 Compression


A tight compression with an elastic bandage will help a lot. It maintains the alignment of the muscles while preventing the fluid build-up in the tissues that are damaged if the case is of an injury. Wrapping the knee with a compressive bandage will also reduce the swelling over that area. Make sure you do not wrap it very tightly as it may cause the numbness, tingling, or an increased swelling or pain in the area below the bandage.

#4 Elevate the Affected Area


Whether you are lying down or sitting, keep your knee elevated by placing some pillows under it. Keep the affected area at a level more than the height of your heart, in order to decrease the swelling. Keeping your knee elevated at a higher level will prevent the accumulation of fluids in the tissues, as well as also relieve from pain.

#5 Massage


One of the most trusted therapies to reduce knee pain is a massage of the affected area. Take two tablespoons of mustard oil and a garlic clove, and heat it in a pan. Apply the hot oil on your knee, and massage gently. A massage of warm mustard oil gives instant relief from inflammation, as well as facilitates blood circulation while relaxing the muscles. Make sure the oil is not too hot as it may burn the skin. You can also use olive oil and coconut oil to massage the aching knee.

#6 Fenugreek Seeds


Take 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and soak it in clean drinking water for a night. Drain the seeds in the morning and munch them. In the beginning, they will taste bitter, but it will turn sweeter as you chew it. This is one of the most effective measures to get rid of chronic knee pain.

#7 Tamarind Leaves


Take some tamarind leaves and boil them. To keep the leaves warm and at one place, wrap them with a cloth, and then place them over your aching knee. Let it be overnight. This remedy is really helpful for knee pain occurring at night.

#8 Apply a Combination of Castor Oil and Turmeric


Mix some castor oil, goat’s milk, powdered turmeric and wheat flour to make a paste. Prior to going to bed at night, apply it on the knee and wrap it with a clean cotton cloth. Wash it off in the morning. Repeat this process every night for almost a week, in order to get the best results. You will surely get relief from knee pain by trying out this remedy.

#9 Munch on Carrots


Take some carrots and grate them. Squeeze some lemon juice in it and have it to get relief from aching knees. Carrots are one of the simplest remedies to get rid of knee pain or any other joint pain.

#10 Flax Seeds


Eat a teaspoon of flax seeds daily. It contains fatty acids and gives a good relief from chronic knee pain and swelling.