10 Sure Ways to Win Your Man’s Heart


“I really like him, but he doesn’t seem to know it. How should I make him spot me?” Girls dating men for the first time, often ask themselves or their friends, this question. Well, the answer to it is- you can’t make a man love you, but there are ways which can lead you to his heart. Trust me, boys love the originality of a girl, and nothing but simplicity, can win him over. Be confident, be yourself and he’ll be head over heels for you.

Before marriage or after marriage girls will always look forthings to make their man happy. Read on and discover the secret to an everlasting joy.

1.   Understand Him


To begin with, try understanding him and his reactions to various things. Observe how he behaves in a situation, and the way he thinks about you. Men are naturally attracted towards sensible women. At times, when he cannot take your call, try listening to his reason and tell him, ‘it’s okay’ and you understand. He will love you more than ever and will start respecting your opinions too. And when you find out what is it that makes him happy, you would do those things, and avoid those that turn him off!

2.   Trust Him


If ever you come to know about his past relationship, don’t lose your self-control. I know it’s painful to imagine him with someone just the way he is with you; but if he talks to you about it, then you are on a plus. Your man feels you are a kind of person with whom he can let himself be. He will also tell you how that thing ended and how he wants to be with you, now and forever. This will only bring you two closer.

3.   Give Him Love

Couple hugging indoors

Just like anybody else, boys are hungry for love. A word of love, a gesture full of love or only a sight of love is enough to set the mood right in. However, it is only after marriage that two people realise what being in love is. Because it is then that they start living together and get to know each other inside out. You can surprise your man by showing him unexpected signs of affection; like making his favourite coffee for breakfast, leaving a love note in his lunch box, dressing up just for him when he gets back home and wearing sexy lingerie in bed!

4.   Respect His Family


If you love the right kind of a guy, he would want you to respect and love his parents. If you are looking forward to becoming his soul mate, you need to gain his mummy daddy’s approval as well! But, make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the process of fitting for him and his family. You can win everybody’s heart with little love and confidence. After all, happiness lives where two hearts are bound with love.

5.    Look Beautiful, but Naturally


Men love it when their girls put on colourful dresses, open their soft hair, wear a hint of kajal in their eyes and a glossy pink lip shade. Wow! And a smile would just complete the look. Every girl is beautiful in her own way. She just needs to be confident to win the world, as strong-headed women appeal more to men. Cake-faced makeups aren’t trendy anymore. So, just shove off that palette and let yourself lose.

6.  Be Bad in Bed


It’s an old held belief, boys like their girls good in the kitchen and bad in the bedroom. Well, that’s true! Passionate lovers are an immediate turn on. If you know the art of getting him high, then your man will never leave you for another woman. Put on horny clothes, look him in the eye and call him to dare and have sex with you. Don’t give up till he begs for it and experience a whole new world of love.

7.    Know His Favourite Sport


Men are into sports. Watching one ball travelling the whole field and making 13 boys go mad, might not be your cup of tea. All you can do is to know which team of his favourite sport is playing and what the scores are. Your interest in his game will take him by surprise, and who knows, you might just end up liking it. You both can then enjoy TV together.

8.    Allow Him His Space


Men are a free species by nature. They love partying, having fun with friends and staying out. Marriage freaks them out, as they consider it the end of their happy life and beginning of a tough life. You can be the girl he would want to marry or love to have married. Just give him freedom to live his life high, be supportive and understand his ideas of fun. However, it’s also important that you stop him from doing wrong things and show dislike, when his idea of fun doesn’t appeal to you.

9.   Get to Know his Friends


We all have good friends. As the saying goes, a boy and a girl cannot be just good friends. To the contrary, a girl can’t be a best friend to another and so can’t be boys. Your husband/boyfriend is no different species. He can have female friends and many good friends, who are women. So, instead of feeling insecure, get to know his friends and make them your friends. It’ll keep all relationships healthy.

10.  Spend Some Time Together


Take out time when you can be just with him, doing what he loves or what you love. Get to know him, what he thinks about you and tell him how you feel about him. This personal rendezvous will bring you two closer.  You can make him cook for you on special days, and arrange for a private movie with his favourite bucket of popcorn. Just be in the places where he can feel you, on the inside.