10 Sure Shot Ways to Keep the Romance Alive on Bed

Do you want to see the firework while you are making love with your partner? Then, you need to know the inner desire of your beloved. If you want to blow his mind and want to give him the best experience, then, you not only need to steam up the bed, but also have to do the hard work for keeping that spark alive between you and your beloved. Here are some tips to know the secret recipe of eternal romance:

1.   The Secret You Need To Understand


Firstly, as the relationship grows, sex gets apart and becomes more like a daily job of satisfaction. So, it is your duty to keep it fresh and exciting, every time.

There is no big secret of sex, it’s just you need to adapt these two features- lustful passion and unconditional love. The moment, these qualities can be seen in you, your partner will never go in any wrong direction, and you will be able to stay sexually and emotionally attracted, forever.

2.   Talk About Love


It is always good, when your partner discusses or talks about sex. This way, you get to know about the expectations and desires of your beloved. Trust me, talking about sex is always beneficial, it will not only build up your desires, but will also boost your relationship. Thus, stop being a prude and start interacting with your partner; it will make your sex life more pleasurable.

3.   Attention can Make You Sexy

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It is true, when your partner gets admired by others, you feel more attracted towards him. Let’s flip the coin! Think when you get admired by the opposite sex, how your partner will feel? His sexual desire will be higher than in a normal scenario and trust me, your partner will never think of leaving you. Generally, it is seen that in a long-term relationship, the partners start taking each other for granted, and their sex life suffers badly. However, when you are attracted and admired by other people, then only, your partner realizes how good you are, and it will help in keeping both of you sexually attracted.

4.   Physical Attraction is Important


When people are in love, physical attraction is not important, but, the reality says something else! We always get attracted to the people, who look  good, and when it comes to intimacy, after a certain time, good looks and sex appeal can make your desire last long. Hence, add some spice to your love life. Keeping yourself healthy and fit is not too tough; you just need to work out a bit.

5.   Play Games Together


Playing sex games can increase intimacy among couples. It is a good choice to add some flavours in your romance. You can also sit with your partner and discuss the life issues, can play some games, can share any joke and talk about the wild fantasies, or you can cook delicious food for your partner. I agree that after marriage, it is hard to keep the charm alive, but, the hard work to sustain the relationship can lead to the unconditional love with lustful passion in your life.

6.   Say No to Regular Sex


Sex can get boring and monotonous, if you stop experimenting something new. Sex is not only about penetration, it is about how happy you are with your partner before, during and after having sex. So, keep exploring new positions and have fun while making love.

7.   Watch Your Favourite Romantic Movie


Spend time with your beloved and make the best out of it. Watching a romantic flick is an excellent option. It will not only take you in a flashback of your memories, but will also give a smooth gear to your feelings. Thus, watching a romantic film or listening to romantic songs is always good.

8.   Steamy Imaginations


Whenever you feel the spark is fading in your sex life, start an interaction with your partner about the hot and wild imaginations. Share each other fantasies, active thoughts, watch porn together, explore new sex positions and get the lost gleam back in life that you are craving for a long time.

9.   Sex is Happiness


Making love regularly will make your partner feel good and enjoyable. It will also boost your energy, make you feel confident about yourself, relieve headache, can calm you, eliminate stress from life and most importantly, can make your bond stronger. Better do not take sex as your daily job, make every bit of it exciting and enjoyable.

10.    Dress Your Best


It is preferable to look your best whenever your partner is around. It will keep the charm alive and he will get sexually attracted to you. For this, you need not to do anything much, just open your closet and wear the sexiest outfits to make your partner fall in love with you again. If he is fully attracted and satisfied with you, he will never cheat on you. So, girls gear up!

Hope, you understood the perfect recipe of love, lust and romance. Then, what are you waiting for? Remember that besides love, a perfect relationship requires a little care and attention.

Do let us know your hidden secrets about the lustful passion and unconditional love towards your partner.



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