10 Sure-fire Tips to Look Photogenic

Are you PHOTOPHOBIC? Do you hate being clicked by anyone? Do you always finish up looking like a dork in every photo? Do you untag yourself in each picture, tagged by your friend? Well, some people are naturally photogenic; they always emerge flawless in pictures. But, if you’re non-photogenic, don’t bother!  Here are some sure-fire tips that can help you to look better in pictures. Let’s explore these tips.

1. Know Your Signature Smile


Have you ever noticed that celebs pose in the same manner, and carry similar smile every time, when they face camera? Why is it so?? Well, it is because they have figured out what works best for them, while posing for shutterbug. Grab your phone and click yourself, until you discover your pleasing ‘signature’ smile. Don’t forget, ‘practice makes perfect’! J

2. Work on Your Posing Style and  Facial Expressions


Pose with those facial expressions that can give you a balance profile. For instance, thin lipped people should slightly part their lips to give them a fuller look. Similarly, round faced individuals should give side- poses, instead of facing the camera straight. Persons with over-projected noses or weak chins should shift their jaw slightly forward, when snapped from the side.

3. Keep Poses Natural and Simple


Your poses should be relaxed and comfortable. Keep it simple, without any force on pose.

4. Get Rid of Double Chin


Push your chin a little out, while posing for a camera, if you have a double chin. This stretches the neck and hides the extra chin. If your double chin bothers you, then never get yourself clicked from below.

5. Pick the Right Clothes


Not all designs, trends, fabrics and colors compliment every figure. Choose the right clothing.  Wear dark coloured clothes to give slimmer look to your mid-body, arms and thighs. Avoid wearing dresses with puffy and capped sleeves, as they highlight the thickest part of the arms.  If your waist and hips are wide, then say a big ‘NO’ to clothing with horizontal stripes.

6. Know What Makeup to Avoid and What to Wear


Avoid concealers or foundations having SPF because, it reflects light and gives you pale look, when combines with the flash light of camera. Instead, go for a non-glossy touch on the face. You may put a little heavier eye makeup, blush and lip colour, because camera tends to downplay these areas, a bit.

7. Place Hands on Hips


Positioning hands on hips is always a good pose for shutterbugs. It accentuates waist, giving the perception of being slim. And, it also makes the photo appear more vibrant and natural.

8. Reflect Pleasant Thoughts


The best way to get good facial expressions is to think of your favorite moments and sweet memories of your life. Think pleasantly! It brings genuine smile and reflects the real state of happiness.

9. Focus the Camera With Confidence


Use all your energy to look into the camera with full poise, and also turn your body slightly to the either side, giving your body an appropriate angle.

10. Right Lightening is the Key


The ultimate tip to get good snaps is to find a suitable complementing light. Unflattering light highlights blemishes of your face and also emphasizes the dark area beneath the nose and under the eyes. Lightening must complement from cheek to cheek and from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead. Though, sunlight works better, you can also use different sources of light, such as lamps.

Hope, you’ll no more run for cover when a shutterbug comes focusing you.