10 Sure-fire Tips to Achieve Promotion Faster

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Is promotion after promotion transient you by? Do you feel that moving up the corporate ladder is a daunting task? Even after doing backbreaking work, you don’t get promotion? Have you ever thought that why your colleague get that position which, in actual, should be yours? Okay! The answer is that you work hard but your colleague works smarter along with tough grind. After all,“Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.”

Here are some tips to realize your promotion dreams.

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1. Build a Positive Repute

 “There are two way of establishing a reputation, one to be praised by honest people and the other to be accused by rogues. It is best, however, to secure the first one, because it will always be accompanied by the latter.”
Colton, Charles Caleb

Positive reputation at workplace brings you in limelight. But remember, once you have built a strong reputation, the expectations of your colleagues and boss from you would enhance. Try to manage it!

2. Establish a Good Rapport with Your Boss

There is one person in your organization, who can take you to the new heights and with whom you need to be close. Guess who is he…..??? Yes, you get it! It’s your boss. I’m not asking you to do flattery. I’m just suggesting you to have a good communication with your boss and treat him as a mentor. This way, your boss would also be able to know about your passion, aspirations, forte, and flaws.

3. Take Initiatives

As you reach office, your superior assigns you a task along with guidelines. You complete that task and leave at the end of the day. So, what new you are doing? Nothing….! If I want to get promotion, think out of the box and take the plunge. Be proactive! Keep in mind that constructive initiation is always noticed.

4. Extend Your Network

In present scenario, the success comes to those, who market themselves effectively. A good network will help you to get your work done. Remain in touch with your colleagues, ex-coworkers, and superiors. This will help you in exploring new roles for you in the organization.

5.   Act Professionally

  • Dress in formals.
  • Stay positive in negative situations.
  • Don’t blame others for your mistakes.
  • Don’t be a clock-watcher.
  • Have team-spirit.

6.   Consider Impact not Output

It’s quality rather than quantity that matters. Your work speaks about your abilities. So, deliver quality work that creates value for your organization and helps in building goodwill.

7. Concoct Ideas

Your ideas portray your creativeness. But, it doesn’t mean that you keep on giving ideas after ideas. Come up with realistic, innovative, and productive ideas. Absurd ideas leave a negative impact on your image.

8. Satiate Your Queries

Don’t shy in putting forward your queries in front of the boss. The more questions you’ll ask means more passionate you are about your work. But, it’s not good to intersperse with irrelevant and gibberish queries all day long.

9. Go Beyond Your Scope

You can’t grow, until you go beyond what you have mastered. So, come out from your shell. Debouch in new areas and prove that you are the best in everything you do.

10. Shoulder Responsibilities

Always remain prepared to hold more responsibilities. Also, be ready to take accountability for the outcomes. Whether you get success or failure, accept it. Instead of giving excuses for your failure, apologize for it and learn a lesson for the future.

Follow the above given tips! And, you will get a promotion letter very soon.