10 Silly Reasons to Breakup

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Do you know many relationships fail because of some silly reasons? Don’t let these reasons damage your relationship and call it QUIT.


Here, we are with ridiculous grounds of breakups-

1. Demanding Appearance Change

Your boyfriend complains if you put on weight and you nag him non-stop for his new beard. If you’re one of those couples who demand change in their appearances then sorry, you just don’t deserve to be in a relationship.

2. Noticing  Attractive Girls

His eyes are always on you, but what’s a big deal if his eyes happen to catch a pretty girl out of the blue. This doesn’t mean that he acts on attraction, or he doesn’t find you attractive anymore. C’mon, grow up!

3. Both Of You Share Many Differences

Another issue is the lack of common interests and hobbies between couples. People assume it crucial to have things in common in order to make a relation work. However, it is not so. A relationship requires very little common ground to live happily.

4. You had a Tussle

Early months of relationships are exciting and effortless. You must know, all flourishing long term relationships experience hardships.
Instead of running away, fight for your relationship when troubles come in it.

5. Can’t Deal With Baggage

There is no one who is without some form of baggage. Some strings of pain are always attached, even if it is his first serious relationship. If you are in search of perfection, you will probably die alone.

6. Different Working Schedules

You may work in the day, and he works in the night
The question arises, how to survive conflicting schedules? Such relationships definitely require a little more work. If you really want to make your relationship work, then your different work schedules will not get in the way. There are couples who have never gone to sleep and awakened together in their relationship, but are still going in their relationships.

7. Unwillingness To Tie The Knot

If he is not ready now to settle down with you, it doesn’t mean that he takes you for granted or doesn’t care about you. It’s just that he needs more time to reach that level of commitment to make the romantic relationship evolve into a meaningful and successful lifelong union. Instead of running away, show patience.

8. An Unexpected Blessing

A pre-marital pregnancy may appear to you a kind of extreme case but to wonder you, it is the most unfortunate and common reason to split. Bear in mind, if you have allowed yourself to go so close to him then you are quite closer to make it work too.

9. Lack of  Stereotypes

You want your man to work all day and spend all his money lavishly on you. On the other hand, you should cook his meals and iron his clothes. This is an immature decision to called off a relationship because of absence of existing stereotype of relationships in your relationship. ‘One needs not to change just to be with you’- rule 1 of relationships.

10. He is Unable to Make You Happy All the time

Why should he shoulder the responsibility to keep you smile all the time? Someone else should never be accountable for your own happiness. There’s a world outside him too. Find other sources to keep yourself happy.

Rather than saying GOODBYE, take high roads and make your relationship fulfilling.