10 Safety Tips to Follow While Working in the Kitchen

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Kitchen is the only place in your household, where you have to take a lot of precaution as you deal with a lot of hazardous and inflammatory stuff in the kitchen. You must be really careful while handling things in the kitchen of your Bella Casa.

Today, I am telling you few really important tips that you should follow whilst being inside and outside the kitchen, so that no mishap occurs with you and your dear ones.

Tip#1- Keep Your Children and Pets out of the Kitchen


Kids and pest can be big distracting elements for you whilst you are working in the kitchen area. They could hurt themselves as lots of sharp utensils are kept on the slab, for various purposes. You should try to keep your children and pet out of the kitchen. You should allow your kids only if they are helping you in making something. They may burn themselves while handling hot utensils.

Tip#2- Wear Covered Slip on or Shoes and Protective Clothing


You should always wear protective shoes and slip on(s) that are covered, so that you do not hurt your feet while dropping knife on the floor, by mistake. It happens a lot of time when knife or other sharp utensils fall on the floor mistakenly and mostly on our feet. In such a case, you might get stitches also, and therefore, it is advisable to wear sturdy footwear.

Similarly, you should not wear long or flow sleeves whilst cooking something as the fabric may catch fire. Also, you should not wear synthetic clothes while working inside the kitchen. Synthetic gets glued to your skin on catching fire, which may cause severe internal injuries.

Tip#3-Avoid Rushing in the Kitchen Area


Most of the accidents that occur inside the kitchen are due to rushing and working hastily. Actually working hastily results in a carelessness, which causes accidents. Do not cut or chop vegetables too fast, as you may injure your fingers. Similarly, do not try to remove hot pans and cookers from gas stove hastily as you may fall them on yourself.

Take time to perform things. It might add 15 minutes extra for you to prepare everything, but will be safe enough for you and protect you from accidents.

Tip#4- Use Hot Pads


It is highly advisable to use hot pads while handling hot pans and cookers in the kitchen. Bowls and utensils that are used to cook food in the microwave become very hot. They cannot be handled with hands and require hot pads. Do not avoid using such pads as they really protect you from burns.

Tip#5- Always Stir Away from Your Body


Whilst stirring something over the stove, do not stir anything in the direction you are standing. Always stir in the direction opposite to you or away from you, so that you do not get burnt in the process of cooking or boiling. It is a very common mistake that most of us commit while cooking, and get blisters on parts of body due to hot water or oil.

Tip#6- Use Knives Skillfully


Handling knife in the kitchen is one of the challenging jobs in the kitchen. You should use a sharp knife because a blunt knife tends to slip more and cause injuries. You should know how to cut and chop like the professionals, without getting injured. You should always use your non dominant hand to hold food and perform functions, like cutting, and such with the main working hand. Go slow, until you master the technique.

Tip#7- Become Friendly with All Your Equipments


Prior to using any appliance, read the instruction and user manual that comes along with the appliances. It will help you understand the nature of a particular appliance, and you will come to know what all precautions you need to take whilst handling that appliance. Do not wash home appliances such as food processors under water, as this may cause an electricity short circuit, and damage your appliance. However, you may use a wet cloth to wipe and clean the portions of the appliance.

Tip#8- Clean Spills Efficiently


If you have spilled anything in the process of cooking food, do not be too haste to clean it as you may fall on the floor or cause other accidents to yourself. Clean the spills gently and efficiently, so that no residues are left.

Tip#9- Be Careful While Lifting


You should be very careful while holding hot pots or hot boiling vessels. You should know that how much weight you can hold easily. If you have a problem in holding a vessel or hot pot, you should take help from a male member of your family. Alternatively, you should transfer the contents into parts, and then transfer it to the required place.

Tip#10- Watch out for Steam of Boiling Foods


Steam can burn your face in the same manner as a boiling food can. You should be very careful while handling steamed foods. For example, when you boil something in microwave, you should always open lid facing away from you.

I think these tips will prove to be really helpful and beneficial for you whilst cooking in the kitchen. Also, you all will apply them to protect yourself from injuries and accidents inside kitchens.

Take Care!