10 Rules for Women Who Are Unlucky In Love

Has dating made your luck down?

I think you need a makeover.

In past recent days, I analysed that luck has very little to do with your love life. Your man is not supposed to blame for every heart- break. Rather it is the way how much you value your relationship. We all commit mistakes, when we start dating. By seeing the experiences, I have compiled a list for you:  

Read on:

1.     Stop feeling sorry


Stop feeling pity for yourself! Keep the negative thoughts back. No one would show interest in a woman who is emotionally down. It is no fun! If guys are not interested in you, it is not coz you do not have a supermodel figure; it is because you are boring to hang out.

 2.     Do not shed your tears for him

Don't Shed Tears

When I say this, I mean it! Boys are not worth your tears. They are lifetime jerks (not all of them). Do not allow any guy to treat you like a slave, from day one. If you work over respecting yourself, you will surely earn it. It is easy, give respect and take respect!

3.     Do not blur everything


Now, keep this in mind. We all keep baggage.  There is no need to uncover them, especially when you are just at the initial stage of dating. Because we share too much, we end- up in a mess. Do not open- up too fast, let your relationship progress, and then you can open up as much as you want.

4.     A 30 % effort

30 % efforts

Shrewd, but true! I hope, you will not hate me for this, but when we come down to mathematical calculations, you just have to put 30% efforts in your relationship. Learn to be wise, if you put 100% efforts in your relationship; think how much % is left, for your guy to give you? Honestly, the less you put in, the more he is going to invest in you.

5.     Let him come first


At least, initially! “If you walk up to his house on the very first date, it would just remind him of two words ‘booty call’.” If he does not come to pick you up, just say a big “NO”. Coz a guy who is interested in dating, he will be on his head over heels.

6.     Never date him without prior notice


Okay! Now, you need to be a lil strict with the dating notice. Admit, you are a busy lady, and you have loads of things to do rather than lip- locking amidst on the streets. He needs to send you a notice a day before if he wants your “alone-time”. Let me remind you, man wants a woman who has a personal life, not someone whose world revolves around his guy.

7.     No excessive calling and texts

Woman on Balcony With Cell Phone and Laptop

Do not become a clingy gf. Men get easily pissed off with a woman who calls and texts him too much. You can end your relation before it blooms. Recall, rule no 6… Admit, you are a busy lady. After you get fond of each- other, you can call him, oops! I mean you can give him as many miss calls as you want.

8.     Never return sms in a jiffy


Keep in mind “I am not a despo!” Do not look at your mobile for hours, waiting for his “good morning” msg. If you cannot overcome your anxiety, think of something that would please you. And, later you can earn all the “special attention” you wanted.

 9.     Do not jump on to the bed


Keep “sex” out of your relationship at least for 2-3 months. Let him crave for you again and again. Let him fantasise you in his dreams and build his wild imaginations for you. The more you say “touch me not” the more he would say
you are hot”.

 10.    Face it all


There is never any surety of the person you date. Some tend to escape, and some stand by your side forever. Do not worry about the consequences. If you like a man, show he is fun to be with you. Do not sit idle and worry about the later part. If you have an interest in him, he will come up to you again!

The bottom mantra is “take respect and give respect”. Do not waste time on people who are not worth it!