10 Romantic Birthday Gifts to Make His Birthday More Special


Although we try to make each day special for people we love, but birthday is something that has to be even more special. It is true that all the girls want to be pampered by their guys all the time, but it would be erroneous to say that guys do not want to get pampered. Even men want to get loved like a baby, so make your men feel special with these romantic gift ideas.


Gift #1- Message


Make a jar that is filled with love quotations and messages. Include your name, as well as your man’s to make it look more natural rather than copied. Gift him and tell him to read that special message every day before he heads to his office. This will make him feel special and also strengthen your relationship.

Gift #2- Surprise Bash


No matter how much you grow in age, you always want to celebrate your birthday like a kid, having all your friends and loved ones around you and you are in the centre who is cutting the cake. Throw a surprise birthday bash and call over your man’s friends and relatives, and make this day ultra special for him.

Gift #3- Exotic Food


In India, it is said that “The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach”. So, reach his heart by treating him at home, by making all his favorite dishes and desserts right from breakfast till dinner. Try some exotic and new recipes to surprise him.

Gift #4- Reasons Why You Love Him


I know that you must have seen such greeting cards in the galleries. But do not buy those. Instead, right 100 reasons or 50 reasons on your own. Try to write his qualities and notorious deeds which make you fall for him every time. Hand written or naturally written stuff is any day impressive and sounds romantic than the ready made ones.

Gift #5- Place Where You First Met Him


Wrap a cloth around your man’s eyes. Take him to the location where you met him for the first time, after you got into the relationship. It will be a very fondling experience for both of you to cherish the reminiscences of the place where it all started.

Gift #6- A CD of Your Good Times


Gift him a CD that includes edited pictures of both of you. Do editing, I mean add some special effects, soft music or romantic numbers as background score and play it at exactly at 12 in the midnight, on the onset of his special day. This is one of the gifts he will treasure for his lifetime. You can also go for small video bytes by his friends and loved ones where everybody is saying something about his qualities and funny attributes.

Gift #7- Quixotic Holiday


You can gift him, actually both of you, a short yet quixotic holiday to a hill station or other such romantic location, to have some good time to enjoy with each other. This gift will offer you an opportunity to get a break. He will feel pleased as he must be seeking a holiday after working badly from morning till night.

Gift #8- Movie Night


It is a very common issue with most of the couples that most of the men prefer watching movies while women don’t. You can make this date special for him by fulfilling his wishes like watching his favorite movies whole night or going for a movie in the theatre.

Gift #9- Let Him Own the Day


It’s his birthday, so let him the ruler of the day. Do whatever he tells you to do, like go for bowling if he likes it or clubbing. If he wants to have his favorite cuisine at his favorite restaurant, then do not argue on not to go to that restaurant. Remember that this is his day. So, let him feel special the way he let you on your birthday.

 Gift #10- Get Inked


It is another one of the romantic ways to please your beau on his birthday. Get his name or his initials or initials of both of you anywhere on your body, and surprise him in the midnight by revealing that inked area. He will feel special as never before and will fall in love more.