10 Reasons Why Saying “I Love You” Too Soon Sucks!

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Yes, I know love in the air! When you are in love, it’s not easy to hold back your feelings; especially if are obsessed by someone who attracts you and let you fall in love with him, chances are you may end-up saying “I love you” too soon. Well, how soon is ‘too soon’?

You may be attracted towards him on your first date. Or the first passionate kiss might have made you feel like you both are in love … But, this is not the reality. If you madly love someone, keep these 10 relevant points in mind, to test your partner’s potential.


Guessing match is over

The excitement of guessing what is going on, at each other’s brains, gets ended up overnight. When you know that both of you are in love with each other… you will find ways to touch each other whenever you meet … That’s the magic of untold love. So, once you are out with your feelings, the wondering game is over!

Are you obsessive?

Some are obsessive in love. They jump in a relationship because they love the committed tag.  For them, just being in love makes their life complete. These kinds of obsessive lovers end up saying “ILU” without realising that they are actually in love or not.

When things go wrong

If your partner doesn’t reciprocate the same feeling to you, it makes the entire relationship go in a mess. One of you is angry, and the other one is confused. And, that makes you an insecure chick!


A big confusion

If you end up saying “I love you” too soon, your date may probably wonder that you are a serial flirt. That’s the worst part because your magical words seem to lose their meaning at once!

Are you in a hurry?

People tend to love each other at first sight and reciprocate the feelings in a hurry. The love is temporary for sure! I don’t understand why people rush in relationships without knowing much about their date …  Exes? Likes? Dislikes?

Tired of being insecure?

Ask yourself, “Are you falling in love, to cover up your securities”? Then that’s really stupid! If you really want to fall in love, do it for the right reason.


Do you feel stuck?

If you accept your partners call at once, without really wondering … you may fall into trouble. Instead of celebrating your love, you will spend time in thinking “was the commitment really required”?

What if he is not serious?

Once you are committed you can’t take back your words. What if your date desires a casual relationship and doesn’t want any serious commitment from you.

Play it safe

You don’t always have to utter those three magical words … Show your love through romantic moves. If your partner loves you, he will surely reciprocate his feelings to you.

Wait for the response

Well, if your date has some sweet feelings for you, he will do things that would please you. He will buy flowers, perfumes, and chocolates, for you. He would do anything that would please you.


When is the right time then?

Say “I love you”, only when you believe you are truly in love. A month of dating is enough to express your love in front of each other. Your lil infatuation may turn into real love in no time!

On the other side if you take too long, your partner may get bored and move on ahead! So, if you want a perfect fairy-tale-ending with your love story, take your own time in saying, “I love you!