10 Reasons Why Makar Sankranti Rocks

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Makar Sankranti is all about kites, sweets and prayers. The festival is celebrated with immense zeal throughout India. In Punjab, it is Lohri… In South, it is Pongal… In East, it is Bhogali Bihu. Here is a list of top ten reasons why we look forward for this festival so eagerly.

1.  Are you sure we don’t need the alarm? Yes, it is the day when we forget being lazy and wake early in the morning, even before the sun rises. The only day we behave like a nanny, right?

2.  The aroma of gur and til in the air makes hearts filled with its divine sweetness and charm. We tend to forget bitterness and cold wars in the neighbourhood.

3.  People at forty also get naughty on this fun day. The day calls for no age bar. It’s difficult to imagine who the boss is for the day, coz everybody wants to be their “Gali Ka Hero”.

4.  Reds, blues, yellows, greens…a day of colour, grace and elegance. And, the same applies for our attires for the day. We dress up in bright colourful clothes, which are not plain and dull like the usual days.

5.  Moreover, if kite flying is not your passion, you can always tap your foots to the nonstop music played on your terrace, or somewhere from your nearby roofs.

6.  Well, if you neither enjoy flying kite nor you are good at dancing, you can always enjoy the staring game (on your terraces). I am sure you have plenty of beautiful girls or handsome boys living nearby.

7.  And if you are single, chances are that you may mingle! Who knows, the guy who lives next door may find ways to come closer to you! What if he sends you a love note along with his cut kite string? After all sugar is in the air.

8.  It’s a day when we relish some of the authentic dishes made particularly for the day, whether its Til Laddus, Gajak, Revadi, Moongfali ki Chikki or Gajar ka Halwa. We start our day with sweets and also end our day with it. What is sweeter than this?

9.  And most glorious of all is, when we bestow some DAAN to the poor who truly deserve it, by offering them valuables. This is a positive step towards humanity, you agree?

10.  Last but not the least, the kites high up in the sky rise our morals and spirits… teaching us a lesson that try and try, until you succeed. One day you shall win!

With all these messages, I sign off and wish you all –

“A Very Happy and Safe Makar Sankranti”!