10 Reasons: Why Every Woman Should Love Herself?

‘Girls are special’, you must have heard it, haven’t you?

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Yes! You are special. There are hundreds of thousands of reasons, which make you special. Do you want to know the reasons that make you so much extraordinary? happy-girl Here are 10 reasons to make you feel good about- why girl should love being a girl…

1) Men can’t do anything except being manly, and if they are not manly then… Ewww! We all know how they will look like, and what we’ll call them (may be a pansy). Girls can be like a girl, or can be a tom boy even; and that also, without behaving and looking weird, a girl can dress up like a guy, and can still look gorgeous. That’s the best part of being a girl, isn’t it?


2) Yeah! We don’t have to trim the hair of our face, every morning. And yes! To pluck that nose hair is… Gross!!!


3) You might get a little laughter, but it is a fact, even the movies respect us (let it be Indian or overseas). Being a girl, we are granted the great surviving opportunities. Do you want to ask, how? Come on girls! Didn’t you watch Titanic? Each and every guy will sacrifice his life, just to keep us safe darlings!!!  We girls will always be the first in a list to be protected, and evacuated from any disaster. We will always survive. titanic 4) You might have heard of this popular line, “All her life, a daughter is a daughter;  a son is a son, until he is not wedded “.  It is a truth. A daughter (a girl) always takes a stand for her parents, to bestow her unconditional love on them. She takes care of her parents. A son might leave them to old age homes, but a daughter can’t even think of doing such injustice to their loving parents. Dear boys, how do you manage to be so mean and rude?


5) I don’t need kinda a special floor, to show my super talents. I can sing; I can dance, whenever and wherever I want. I easily can go with it because I am a girl, and at times, I am a crazy freak.


6) I might get married to my prince charming; nothing is impossible in this world. I might get in relation with Robert Pattinson, cute Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, or may be with a cousin brother of Prince William…Don’t forget, even Kate Middleton was a girl from next door, and Dhoni’s wife too.


7) Awe! All romantic songs are written and sung for the girls. If your name is Aditi, Kiran, Julie, or maybe Chandani (chandani oh meri chandani), then you are the lucky one. The idea of a love song is not possible without the thought of a girl. So what are you all waiting for? Go and be somebody’s inspiration!


8) Do you need a hug? I am always ready to give a hug anywhere, shamelessly. Oh…Come on! It’s not a smooch that I should be bothered. I don’t think much, to make someone feel awesome. This world is certainly a great place because of our caring and loving hugs. Do you also want a tight wali “Jaadu ki Jhappi”???


9) I can answer anything according to my wish. I don’t need a reason for, why I wanna go for  shopping. If a guy asks me, why did you say that? The reply is easy, just these three words- JUST LIKE THAT!!! Isn’t it simple, who says we complicate stuff? No,  we don’t, we make it so easy, you know just like that.


10) We sacrifice; we take responsibilities, and we give so much of love without asking anything. We are great as daughters, sisters, wife, mother, grandmother and girlfriends too. Oh yes! Men, you can call us god on the earth, who came in your life for your goodwill. So girls, do we need a better reason to love ourselves?