10 Questions that will Save You from Marrying the Wrong Person

Whether to tell him yes or no; whether you will have a perfect ending or not; whether your man will stand up to his promises or not…These are the common questions that keep troubling the about- to- be brides.

Worry not! We have the answer to all your questions.

Read on…

Here are the top 10 questions:

Question 1.

What is initiating me to take this decision at once? What is remarkable about him that makes me get married to him?


Question 2.

Whom can I approach to figure, if he is the right person for me?


Question 3.

Hope, I am investing the proper resources in making this choice!


Question 4.

Have I come “across enough man”, to come to a conclusion- “he is the one for me”?


Question 5.

“Am I going to marry him because I see a (rich) future with him, despite his potential negatives; if yes, why?”


Question 6.

Will I be able to maintain the same lifestyle after my marriage?


 Question 7.

“Few of his habits annoy me.” Will I be able to tolerate that, or will lose it altogether after my marriage?


Question 8.

There are times when he cannot figure out, when I am dull, and when upset. Will he be able to understand my feelings and emotions?


Question 9.

Do my friends and family members like him? If “no”; can I accept him without their approval?


Question 10.

Is he fun to be around, or he is boring? Is he your type man? Think twice; after all, you have to spend your whole life with him.


Often a person faces problems after marriage without thinking about the consequences!  You do not commit the same mistake if you want to live happily ever after! Set calmed; speak to your heart!

You will get the answer!