10 Proven Home Remedies to Cure Hemorrhoids


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Haemorrhoids have become a common disease today. It is a condition that refers to the inflammation, caused in the veins inside the anus or rectum or even around it, thus leading to pain and bleeding. The main causes of haemorrhoids include constipation, sitting at one place for a long period, too much spicy food, and excess of drinks, such as coffee and alcohol. Haemorrhoids are also caused due to stress, chronic diarrhoea, obesity, anal intercourse, and even pregnancy, but generally disappear after delivery. There are many medical treatments to cure this problem, but they usually give temporary relief. However, trying natural home-made remedies is a better idea, as they can even eradicate the problem permanently.

Here are some best home remedies to alleviate the problem of haemorrhoids in a natural manner.

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#1 Have a Sitz Bath


Try a sitz bath. Soak the anal area in warm water for about 10-15 minutes, twice or thrice every day. A sitz bath is readily available at almost all the drugstores in the market. It is very soothing for the inflamed and painful haemorrhoids.

#2 Apply Cold Compress


Apply a cold compress or ice pack over the anal area to get relief from swelling and painful or itchy haemorrhoids.

#3 Apply Apple Cider Vinegar


Take some toilet paper or a cotton ball and soak it in apple cider vinegar and apply it over the area, affected by haemorrhoids. Keep applying it daily until the inflammation reduces.

#4 Have Fiber-rich Food


Constipation is also one of the main reasons of haemorrhoids. So, take a fiber-rich diet for easy digestion and to pass out soft stools, thereby, avoiding constipation. Include bran, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and beans in abundant quantity.

#5 Rutin


Take Rutin tablets. It is a natural compound found in many plants, like buckwheat, asparagus, grapefruit, oranges, lemon and cranberries. It gives an immediate relief from haemorrhoids.

#6 Witch Hazel


This is one of the oldest methods to get rid of painful haemorrhoids. Wiping the area having haemorrhoids is really tough, as it pains a lot. So, instead of using dry toilet paper, you can use baby wipes, which are easily available at all general merchant stores. Pour a bottle of witch hazel into the box full of baby wipes and use these wipes every time you clean the anal area. Witch hazel is a good astringent, which works exceptionally well. You can also dip a cotton ball in witch hazel and put it on the affected area. Nowadays, witch hazel pads and wipes are also available in the market.

#7 Aloe Vera


Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the anal area. It gives relief from pain and inflammation caused due to haemorrhoids.

#8 Coconut Oil


Apply coconut oil over the anal area, and then, wash it off. Do it several times a day. You will see significant results in some days.

#9 Yarrow


Make a strong yarrow tea. Immerse a cotton ball in it and apply it on the haemorrhoids affected area, many times a day, to get rid of the problem.

#10 Stay Hydrated


Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated. It helps in proper functioning of the digestive system. Water help in softening of stools, and reduces the need to strain while passing out bowels.