10 Places Which are too Amazing to be Real

Lord Howe island, Australia

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Situated around 2 hours off the Sydney coast, Lord Howe Island is registered with UNESCO as a world heritage site of natural global significance. The place is not only rich in its wealth of exotic wildlife and untouched forests but more than 400 people are not allowed at the island at one time. Don’t be surprised if you happen to find a dinosaur hiding somewhere in the thick canopy of trees.

The Pearl Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

Located 450 KMs to the north of Chengdu City Jiuzhaigou valley is a masterpiece of dreamlike picturesque beauty. The pearl shoal waterfall is to be found at an altitude of 2,433 meters with a fall of 130ft. the valley holds a notable Tibetan history and is rich in flora and fauna.

Namaqualand, South Africa

An arid region of South Africa and Namibia, Namaqualand is an open and varied region which is the most ordinary of the places until spring. As spring arrives the place transforms into dreamland with thousand of daisies blooming throughout the land. You’ll see exquisite daisies as far as your sight consign.

Sky Lantern Festival, Taiwan

this one is just out of Disney movies. The said festival is held on the first full moon night of the cosmological year. Traditionally, the festival was celebrated to welcome springs by releasing the heavenly lanterns. It’d be surreal to encounter the millions of lit lanterns hanging in the sky. Some things are better experienced than said!

Pamukkale, Turkey

Alternatively known as the cotton castle, it’s too hard to believe that this is a natural site. The place is full of hot springs and travertines from where the water moves to the terraced pools. The place holds striking history of Greeks and Romans. History and beauty together makes this place a world heritage site.

Glen Coe, Scotland

Glen Coe is not only the most beautiful highland in Scotland but the whole of Europe. Go hill walking or mountain climbing or just explore the exquisite highlands. The ‘glen of weeping’ sports the highest peaks in Scotland and aside flows the river Coe in full splendor.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The oldest national park of southeast Europe, and the largest one in Croatia will remain as untouched over years for its been registered as a world heritage site with UNESCO. The bubbling blue waters and the 40 acres of forests offer greenery you have never imagined before and in winters the frozen waterfalls make it no less than a wonderland.

Gullfoss, Iceland

Situated on the white river (“Hvítá”), the golden waterfall is till date the Europe’s most powerful waterfall. Apart from the snow-white waters and the plentiful rainbows that can be spotted on a sunlit day, there’s a very interesting legend associated with the Gullfoss falls which we are not telling you yet. How about you visit the place to discover it?

Pulpit Rock, Preikestolen, Norway

The colossal vertical cliff of 1982 feet over the ocean! In words of Victor Hugo “the most terrifying of the ocean reefs”, the preacher’s rock stands tall in Preikestolen, Norway. The place is a heaven for base jumpers and people looking for some adrenaline but beware, some base jumpers happened to jump to their deaths here. If there were any preachers on the rock they’d be telling you to go back for sure!

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The antelope canyon of Arizona was formed over years by rivers and stream corroding the Navajo sandstones. Another artwork of nature, this gives the illusion of flowy rocks. Deep twisted corridors are pretty cool to walk in. apart from that, the place is also known for its photogenic influence.